Next Generation Intranet Security for Networks, Mobile Devices and Apps

Solve Insider Threats Where The Majority Of Security Breaches Occur

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NetSHIELD appliances for internal intrusion defense, behind all corporate firewalls and wireless routers. Agentless and out of band by default. Optional MobileSHIELD agent. Manage, track and control all network assets including their vulnerabilities and those that are infected with Zero-day RATs.

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MobileSHIELD agent for those devices that come and go beyond and behind the firewall. Provide employees an easy to deploy mobile security agent that protects your organization, while they are on work hours, yet, when they go home, it’s back to being their own device, operating their way.

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AppSHIELD SDK for hardening mobile apps against the latest threats. Well designed to secure mobile wallets, mobile banking and mobile commerce applications running on Microsoft Windows, Google Android and Apple IOS operating systems. Innovative counterveillance app firewall toolkit.

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