“You Can’t Steal What You Can’t See”


What We Do

We’ve been researching Mobile Malware for years. We know that the Mobile OS is insecure and puts your Trustworthy App at Critical Risk. We help prevent exploitation against your mobile App by helping you hardening your App against attack. We make it invisible to malware and cybercriminals. Harden your mobile banking, retail or wallet App before it’s exploited.

How We Protect Apps

Our unique approach is a novel mobile “Cloaking Technology” which is compiled into your own application by way of ‘hooks’ into our software developers toolkit (SDK). You can have a hardened app back out to market in less than a week. Consumers won’t even know we’re inside. But they will appreciate the fact that you care significantly about their PII.

Is Your Mobile App Secure?

Cyber crime has moved to exploit vulnerabilities in mobile operating systems, applications and from consumer behavior. If your app is exploited because of consumer downloads or operating system weaknesses, you’ll be responsible for personally identifiable information (PII) theft. We’ve determined that without our SDK all Apps are vulnerable.

Cloaking Technology for Mobile Banking, Commerce and Wallets.


  • Provides Counterveillance Cloaking technology
  • Easily integrated in a matter of days
  • Makes apps invisible to malware – protects consumer PII

  • Doesn’t intrude on consumer app experience
  • Can’t be broken or tampered with
  • Does not involve root kitting or jail breaking


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