SnoopWall is a revolutionary spyware blocking technology that defends against cyber spying, snooping, and stealing. When Firewall and antivirus software fail to detect malware, SnoopWall is there to deliver unbeatable protection for computer, tablet, and smartphone users.

Snoopwall acts as a gatekeeper for access to high-risk data ports, including your webcam and microphone, which are susceptible to being infected with malicious code used by cyber intruders. The program will alert users in real-time of existing high-risk programs and applications, and block new ones from embedding malware on your device.

By detecting and blocking malware, Snoopwall is your best defense for preventing personal information from getting into the hands of identity thieves and cyber snoops.

With SnoopWall, you and your loved ones can rest assured that you will not be being spied on through your webcam, or listened into through your microphone. Your online privacy is safe with SnoopWall.




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