What is Cyber Intrusion and Snoopware?


What is Cyber Intrusion?
Cyber intrusion is the unauthorized act of spying, snooping, and stealing information through cyber space. Victims of cyber intrusion are often unaware of their vulnerability.  Cyber intruders could be sex offenders who are watching your loved ones during private moments, or identity thieves who are looking to steal your credit card information.

How do cyber intruders invade your privacy?


Fact: Cyber intruders can watch you through your webcam.

Cameras are included on most computers, smart phones, and tablets.

Having a camera on your electronic device is convenient for taking photos, shooting videos, and using real-time chat programs like Skype. But for cyber intruders, they serve a very different purpose.

Without your knowledge, the cameras on your device can be turned into spy tools.

Your most intimate moments could be recorded by predators, and you wouldn’t never know. With a cyber-eavesdropcamera included on your electronic device, you can be watched by an intruder at any given moment.


Fact: Cyber intruders can listen in to conservations by tapping into your electronic devices’ microphone.

Imagine if the next phone call you had with your significant other was recorded by a third party. Would you be comfortable with a snoop eavesdropping on your private conversations?

What if the next phone call you made was to your doctor, revealing your personal medical history?

The reality is that any conversation can be easily recorded by snoops.

Cyber intruders can send victims an email with a code attached or introduce malware to any application, allowing your smart phone, tablet, or computer microphone to become a listening device.


Fact: Cyber intruders can track your keystrokes and take screenshots of your cyber-stealingcomputer remotely—stealing photos,

Using a variety of tactics, cyber intruders can ultimately gain access to your personal information.

Do you input credit card information for purchases on websites?

Do you include your address and social security number on forms sent from your computer?

Chances are, if you send emails, shop, or conduct business online, information stolen from your electronic device could be costly.

Any information you can view on your computer screen can also be viewed by a cyber intruder who has found a way to hack into your electronic device.

Snoopware is…

Snoopware is malware that usually goes undetected by traditional anti-virus and firewall software and it is capable of monitoring your activities.  Snoopware can run in the background and in a stealth mode to monitor your location through your GPS, your phone calls, text messages, voicemail and e-mail or it can be used to turn on the phone’s camera and microphone without the user’s knowledge. Snoopware funtions the same way on Desktop and Laptop computers as well.