March 31, 2017

5 Trends and Factors That Continue to Impact Cyber Security In 2017

It’s become news that’s not unexpected any more. We awaken to learn that yet another national retailer has been hacked and once again credit card information […]
February 6, 2017

No the Russian Government did not Hack the US Elections Part II (faciens a magnus pulmentum…out out 2016…)

Once again, we hear that the Russian government hacked the US elections. I really doubt it, once again. Thanks to @CTVNews in Canada for calling on […]
February 3, 2017

No, The CIA is completely wrong. The Russians DID NOT Hack Our Election, Period. Nor could they. End of Story.

As I have been saying for weeks, even the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) which oversees 17 agencies INCLUDING THE CIA, agrees with […]
February 3, 2017

The FBI Can Hack You, Now! 4th Amendment, US Constitution, Rest In Peace?

Rule 41 is one of the 61 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, which are the guidelines for how the U.S. government conducts criminal investigations. In particular, this […]
February 2, 2017

SnoopWall Consumer Alert: Cyber Crime Monday: major warning about fake shopping apps and Emoji Keyboards spyware

Today, Consumers on this Cyber Monday will fill their digital shopping carts in record numbers. Online sales today expect to reach more than $3 billion, and with […]
January 30, 2017

Killing Cortana – Microsoft’s Built-in Spy

You might wonder why Microsoft gave away BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of Windows 10. In fact, up until Windows 8, they sold the operating system to […]
January 30, 2017

Breach Prevention Futures: Can We Stop DDos Attacks? Yes, here’s how…

DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have become so frequent and due to the massively deployed secret botnets (malware running on computers all over the globe), […]
January 23, 2017

Wells Fargo: A Breach of Trust – How to avoid this happening inside your organization…

Sometimes technology alone is not the answer. Imagine your upper management starts demanding unreasonable #’s from the sales team and threatens to fire them if they can’t […]
January 23, 2017

Yahoo! Data Breach Didn’t Need to Happen…Here’s Why…

I remember meeting Tim Koogle in one of the ‘ten plague’ conference rooms in the early days of Yahoo! Tim was the founding CEO at the […]
January 23, 2017

National Cyber (in)Security 2016

Cybercrime against America is Easy The total records breached in the USA to date are over 900,000,000 – nearly 1B at this time, according to Recent […]
July 14, 2016

Data breaches cost healthcare industry $6.2B & 4 more key statistics

The influx of new available technology for healthcare organizations presents both opportunities and risks, as hackers understand the value personal medical records carry, according to Dark […]
July 11, 2016

Pokemon Go: When video games get too real

The whirlwind success of Pokémon Go has added US$7.5-billion to Nintendo’s market value over the course of a few days, but it’s also sparked a series […]