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Hot news this month:

SnoopWall Launches at DEMO Fall 2013: New Privacy and Cyber Security Software to “Stop The Snoops” – See more at: http://www.snoopwall.com/snoopwall-launches-at-demo-fall-2013/#sthash.2WsiK7S7.dpuf

A False Lens of Security – See more at: http://www.cyberdefensemagazine.com/a-false-lens-of-security/#sthash.GVTkqJnt.IEjF70WE.dpbs

SnoopWall CEO gives 5 Free Tips for Protecting Your Smartphone…. – See more at: http://www.cyberdefensemagazine.com/top-five-things-you-should-do-to-protect-your-smartphone/#sthash.0XslyRUP.dpbs/

Android malware uses Google Cloud Messaging Service as C&C Server – See more at: http://www.cyberdefensemagazine.com/android-malware-uses-google-cloud-messaging-service-gcm-as-c/#sthash.Gcy76zxv.dpbs/

Android wallet apps vulnerability could allow currency theft – See more at: http://www.cyberdefensemagazine.com/android-wallet-apps-vulnerability-could-allow-currency-theft/

AndroRAT drives the rise for DIY Android hacking tools – See more at: http://www.cyberdefensemagazine.com/androrat-drives-the-rise-for-diy-android-hacking-tools/

Vulnerability in Windows Phone OS could allow information disclosure – See more at: http://www.cyberdefensemagazine.com/vulnerability-in-windows-phone-os-could-allow-information-disclosure/


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