Scanner Finds Malicious Android Apps at Scale

Most Android malware samples can be found clinging to some sort of knockoff to a legitimate application. Hiding in plain sight like that, sometimes they […]

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Attackers can exploit built-in remote support apps to control Android devices

Researchers found weaknesses in the remote support tools pre-installed by manufacturers and carriers
Many smart phone manufacturers preload remote support tools on their Android devices in […]

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BBB email hacked, sending out malware


The Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee sent out an alert saying their email had been hacked.

BBB CEO Kathleen Calligan spends a bulk of […]

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Advertising malware rates have tripled in the last year, according to report

Ad networks have been hit with a string of compromises in recent months, and according to a new report, many of the infections are making […]

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Dating Site Plenty Of Fish Serves Up Malware To Users

Attackers are installing malware on singles looking for live by hacking the advertising network used by Plenty of Fish

After would-be adulterers lose sleep about their […]

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Researchers discover new vulnerability in Android multitasking function

Vulnerability in Android multitasking function lets hackers spoof users, steal information and launch DoS attacks
Security researchers from Pennsylvania State University in collaboration with security firm, […]

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Another serious vulnerability found in Android’s media processing service

Rogue applications could exploit the flaw to gain sensitive permissions
The Android service that processes multimedia files has been the source of several vulnerabilities recently, including […]

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Android ransomware locks up devices, has additional features

Researchers with Fortinet have observed Android malware that locks up the mobile device, encrypts the SD card, presents a frightening FBI warning containing the user’s picture and […]

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Android vulnerability allows hackers to install malware through MMS

Stagefright 2 : Another Android vulnerability in Mediaserver allows hackers to install malware through multimedia message
Stagefright vulnerability in Google’s Android operating system has been in headlines […]

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Smartwatches aren’t so clever when it comes to security

Smartwatch manufacturers are failing to secure sensitive data on their devices, warned a Trend Micro report.

The IT security firm said that smartwatches running Google’s Android […]

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Malware now targeting non-jailbroken iOS 8 devices

FireEye security researchers have uncovered the first instance of targeted iOS malware being used against non-jailbroken iOS devices.

FireEye discovered the Masque attacks against iOS devices after […]

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Windows patches can be intercepted and injected with malware

Can you be certain that patches served through Windows Update aren’t laced with malware?

Researchers at UK-based security firm Context demonstrated at the Black Hat conference in Las […]

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New malware turns your computer into a cellular antenna

A group of Israeli researchers have improved on a way to steal data from air-gapped computers, thought to be safer from attack due to their […]

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Flash bites again: Huge malware campaign hits Yahoo ads

Yahoo has shut down a massive malware campaign that may have affected millions of visitors to its sites.

Yahoo confirmed it had stopped the scheme, which […]

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Active OS X 10.10 zero-day exploit installs malware without need for system passwords

A week after researchers discovered a new privilege escalation zero-day vulnerability in Apple’s latest version of OS X 10.10.4, an exploit has appeared allowing nefarious […]

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Mobile malware grew almost 3-fold in Q2 – Kaspersky Lab Report

Kaspersky Lab has published its Q2 cyberthreats report highlighting key security incidents of the quarter and evaluating the Q2 cyberthreat level.

51% of web-borne attacks […]

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Malware targeting banks growing fast, Kaspersky says

More than half of all web-borne attacks that were blocked by Kaspersky Lab’s products were launched from malicious web resources located in Russia, a new […]

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‘Tape Your Webcam': Horrifying Malware Broadcasts You to the World

The Internet is flush with webcam videos of people who clicked unwittingly on a malware link and opened their computer to anonymous miscreants intent on […]

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Hacker remotely crashes Jeep from 10 miles away

Hackers took control of a car and crashed it into a ditch by remotely breaking into its dashboard computer from 10 miles away.

In the first […]

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Walmart, Costco, Rite Aid And CVS Share Identity Hack Woes

A third-party host of online photo sites has found itself hacked, and as a result, photo pages of at least half a dozen of the biggest names in […]

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Hacking Team leak shows how malware can be snuck into Google Play

Italian security and surveillance company Hacking Team was most famed for supplying monitoring tools to governments around the world, but a recent security breach revealed the inner workings of […]

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Gunpoder: A new Android malware targets users not residing in China

Researchers have discovered a new family of Android malware that successfully evaded all antivirus products on the VirusTotal web service. Palo Alto Networks named this […]

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Citizens Demand “Uber” Privacy

By Gary S. Miliefsky, CEO, SnoopWall, Inc.


The world is waking up.  Riots in France.  Over Uber, you ask?  Yes, the app you conveniently downloaded on […]

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US Government Databreach – Four Times Larger Than Originally Estimated

Current and former Federal Employees at Risk of Blackmail, Compromise and Exploitation

“The extent of personal data stolen makes this attack an order of magnitude greater […]

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Starbucks says gift card hack was ‘fraudulent activity’

A hacker who reported a security hole in Starbucks’ website has criticised the company’s handling of the matter.
Egor Homakov found a flaw that let him duplicate funds […]

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Truecaller database hacked into, millions of phone records stolen

Update: Truecaller has issued an official statement on the incident. For full text, scroll down.

New Delhi: Truecaller, the collaborative global phone directory has been hacked into […]

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LastPass password manager gets hacked

LastPass is a very popular app designed to improve users’ online security by storing and managing their passwords for them. Freed from the need to […]

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App vulnerability discovered that leaves millions of sensitive user records at risk

A team of security researchers working in Germany has discovered a huge vulnerability in the way that thousands of popular smartphone apps store data online. […]

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Duqu 2.0‬ malware buried into Windows PCs using ‘stolen Foxconn certs’

Driver signed by Chinese factory giant, says Kaspersky

The super-sophisticated malware that infiltrated Kaspersky Labs is craftier than first imagined.

We’re told that the Duqu 2.0 software nasty was […]

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165% surge in new ransomware in Q1 2015: McAfee Labs

Flash malware grows 317%, but Adobe security team commended
Equation Group firmware attacks using HDD and SSD reprogramming tech

IN the first quarter (Q1) of 2015, McAfee Labs registered […]

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44.5 Million New Malware Variants Recorded in 1 Month

A freshly released report from Symantec about the state of malware risks identified in the month of May informs that cybercriminals were highly active, creating […]

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Rise of Dyre Banking Malware in Q1-2015

Trend Micro in its recently released study says that the nasty Dyre banking Trojan is increasing again after related infections surged during Q1-2015.

This malware (Dyre) […]

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Malware targets Oracle Micros point-of-sale customers

A new malware program designed to steal payment card details from point-of-sale (PoS) systems is targeting businesses using Oracle Micros products.

Micros, acquired by Oracle last […]

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Hospital Medical Devices Used As Weapons In Cyberattacks

Security firm discovered malware-infected medical devices in three hospitals hit by data breaches.
Insulin pumps, heart monitors, x-ray communications systems and othermedical devices already have been […]

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MalumPoS malware targets hotels, scrapes customer credit cards

Researchers have discovered MalumPoS, a new point-of-sale malware designed to steal credit card data from hotels and other US businesses.

Trend Micro’s Kenney Lu described the security […]

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Skype used to spread malware

Skype users, beware. There are nefarious links being spread around through Skype, and if you click them you will be presented with a lot of […]

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Android ransomware poses as FBI warning, demands $500 to unlock phone

Criminals also offering ransomware-as-a-service to other hackers

Android ransomware poses as FBI warning, demands $500 to unlock phone
Ransomware posing as an FBI warning has been sent […]

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One quarter PCs in the UK are infected with malware

PandaLabs today published its Quarterly Report for Q1 2015, analysing the IT security events and incidents from January through to March. The global security vendor […]

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Financial sector takes up to 176 days to patch security flaws

We might be better at detecting threats, but in two decades we have yet prove we can fix security flaws in a reasonable time.

The financial […]

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New Android NFC Attack Could Steal Money From Credit Cards Anytime Your Phone Is Near

Your NFC capable Android smartphone could be the newest weapon hackers use to steal money from the credit cards in your pocket, researchers find.  In […]

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Researchers track subway riders using smartphone malware

Nanjing University researchers have figured out a way to track smartphone users riding the subway.

The technique, which requires a malicious application to be introduced on […]

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Hackers steal 100,000 tax records from Internal Revenue Service site

With identity theft-related tax fraud such a lucrative enterprise for scammers, it should be no surprise that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been the […]

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Google ‘Master Cookie’ remains after android factory reset

Millions of Android smartphones ‘may not properly sanitise’ internal SD card and data partitions… leading to residual data staying on ‘wiped’ devices

Mobile flaw hits most […]

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Malware upsurge threatens millions of POS devices

Notable brands like Target, Neiman Marcus, PF Chang’s, Staples, Michaels Stores, and Home Depot have all have become victims of point of sale (POS) security […]

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Android’s default browser is vulnerable to URL spoofing

A vulnerability in Android’s default Web browser lets attackers spoof the URL shown in the address bar, allowing for more credible phishing attacks.

Google released patches […]

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Extortion Malware targeting Mobile Wallets and Virtual currencies on the rise

A new research report from cyber security firm F-Secure has highlighted growth in extortion malware. The company cites that it has witnessed SMS message sending […]

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Every 4 Seconds New Malware Is Born

New report shows rate of new malware strains discovered increased by 77 percent in 2014.
 New research data out today shows that the rate of new […]

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Report shows massive increase in malware detections on Monday mornings

A new report shows a massive increase in malware detections on Monday mornings when users reconnect their devices to the corporate network. “This trend supports […]

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Travelers, be wary of all that free Wi-Fi

Shaun Murphy was at 35,000 feet when he realized his online activity was being monitored.

An in-flight Wi-Fi service was collecting and decrypting his information as […]

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Cybercrime Costs to Soar to $2T By 2019

Cybercrime will cost businesses over $2 trillion by 2019, almost four times the estimated cost of security breaches this year, according to a report by […]

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Anonymous may have hijacked thousands of routers for zombie botnet

New evidence suggests that Anonymous has begun using malware-infected home routers to launch DDoS attacks against various targets, particularly in the last few months. That’s […]

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Dubsmash knockoff infects half million Android users

Nothing will make you feel older faster than discovering that some app you’ve never heard of is the hot new thing with the youth. Did […]

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Healthcare now the biggest cyber-attack target, report reveals

Cyberattacks against well-known entities such as Sony or even the U.S. Defense Department may grab most headlines these days. But the healthcare industry is now […]

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Criminal attacks new top cause of health sector breaches, study shows

Criminal attacks are the new top cause of data breaches in the US health sector, a Ponemon Institute report has revealed.

There has been a 125% […]

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New Rombertik malware attacks hard drives, wipes MBR if detected

The game of cat-and-mouse between malware authors and security white hats may have entered a new phase this week, thanks to an aggressive new malware […]

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Study finds many Android apps connect to a frightening number of shady tracking sites

By now we’re all familiar with the upsides and downsides to the Google Play store’s approach to vetting apps: The upside is that it’s incredibly […]

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This terrifying malware destroys your PC if detected

A new type of malware resorts to crippling a computer if it is detected during security checks, a particularly catastrophic blow to its victims.

The malware, […]

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Why Has Mobile Banking Growth Stalled? Blame Hackers

After several years of dramatic growth, the adoption rate for mobile banking in the U.S. has slowed dramatically. Those who like to bank this way […]

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Banking Malware Taps Macros

Security firms report a sharp rise in the quantity of attacks that use macro code – designed to automate tasks – to trigger malware downloads, […]

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Macroviruses are BACK and are the future of malware, says Microsoft

Macro malware is making a comeback with one nineties nasty infecting half a million computers, Microsoft says.

Macro viruses took a battering over the last decade […]

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Zombie apps haunt BYOD workplaces

28 April 2015

According to a new study of around 3 million apps on employee smartphones, 5.2 percent of iOS apps and 3.9 percent of Android […]

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Report: 1 in 5 Android Apps Is Malware

27 April 2015

Bad news, phandroids. Android malware is on the rise.
According to Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report, “17 percent of all Android apps (nearly […]

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Symantec: Hacker attacks up 40 percent in 2014

23 April 2015

Hacker attacks on large companies were up 40 percent in 2014 from the year before, Symantec said in a report released Wednesday.

And when […]

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HTTPS snooping flaw in third-party library affected 1,000 iOS apps with millions of users

21 April 2015

Apps used by millions of iPhone and iPad owners became vulnerable to snooping when a flaw was introduced into third-party code they used […]

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The tax scam season: What to watch out for

20 April 2015

The tax season has been and gone — but what campaigns, tricks and malware is still used to try and lure victims to […]

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POS threat ‘Punkey’ allows additional malware download for greater access

17 April 2015

Investigation efforts by the U.S. Secret Service and security firm Trustwave have turned up a new point-of-sale (POS) malware threat, dubbed “Punkey,” which […]

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Malware targeting POS systems evolving drastically

16 April 2015

A new report finds that in 2014, there were a surge in point-of-sale (POS) malware, increased malware traffic within encrypted (https) web protocols, […]

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Here’s how much your information is worth on the black market

15 April 2015

Personal information is worth a fair bit on the black market and hackers will go to a lot of trouble to get a […]

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Cybercriminals Had Banner Year in 2014, Symantec Report Says

14 April 2015

Cybercrime is on the rise and the criminals are finding new ways to attack us.
The 2015 Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec (makers […]

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Cross-platform RAT ‘AlienSpy’ targets Mac OS X, Windows and Android users

13 April 2015

Analysts warns that a multi-platform remote access trojan (RAT) has been taken up by attackers to target end users around the globe, as […]

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LG screen software left Windows PCs open to malware

10 April 2015

Taking a shortcut to make your software work properly is a bit like walking across a frozen lake: it saves plenty of time […]

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Android Malware Sees Triple-Digit Spike in Volume

9 April 2015

Android malware has once again spiked in volume—logging a 391% increase in 2014.

The Pulse Secure Mobile Threat Center found that nearly one million […]

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Malware peddlers exploit fear of Android Installer Hijacking bug

8 April 2015

The recently disclosed existence of the “Android Installer Hijacking” vulnerability is being exploited by malware and adware peddlers and online survey scammers, warns […]

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Developing a mobile security strategy in banking and financial services

7 April 2015

The rise of enterprise mobility and mobile finance malware means organizations, especially those in the banking and financial services sector, have to adapt […]

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Mobile Banking is Handy. But is it Safe?

6 April 2015

The boom in the global economy and the digital revolution has unleashed a surge of scope for mobile banking. With the scampering growth […]

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iOS Security Reports Say No iPhone Is Safe

3 March 2015

Recent research demonstrates that CIOs and other IT leaders need to pay more attention to iOS security.

Vulnerabilities in Apple iOS are cause for […]

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Asian hackers using Android malware for blackmail

2 April 2015

Gangs of cybercriminals in South Korea and Japan are now using advanced Android apps that can steal private data and record conversations for […]

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Study: Half of app makers spend $0 on security

1 April 2015

Last week, the Ponemon Institute unveiled a new study commissioned by IBM that examines how more than 400 large organizations, including those we […]

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Scammers Hide Malware in Google Books

31 March 2015

Google is fairly thorough about cleaning malware-infected apps out of the Play Store, but scammers are equally tenacious in finding new and exciting […]

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Year-Old Android Security Flaw Puts Millions at Risk

early half (49.5 percent) of all Android phones are still vulnerable to a security bug that allows attackers to modify or replace a seemingly benign […]

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Scary exploit may let hackers target nearly 50% of Android phones with malware

27 March 2015

Malware is never an easy subject for Android device owners. Savvy users usually say the matter is overblown and that they know how […]

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Half of Android Users Exposed to Attack via Installation Vulnerability

26 March 2015

Nearly half of all Android systems, 49.5 percent to be exact, contain a vulnerability through which an attacker could hijack the application installation […]

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Installer Hijacking affects almost half of Android devices

25 March 2015

Android has a reputation for having a more open platform and ecosystem than, say, iOS, but, sadly, it is probably also notorious for […]

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Adware still rife in Google Play store

24 March 2015

Despite the recent announcement by Google that it has introduced a vetting process on the Play store it seems that there are still […]

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A billion customer records leaked in 2014

23 March 2015

At least 1 billion records of personally identifiable information (PII) were leaked in 2014, according to the latest of IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence […]

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The next big hack could take place in the palm of your hand

20 March 2015

While the retail and health care industries have been rocked recently by a string of security breaches, another potential attack is massing right […]

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Hundreds of Android and iOS apps are still vulnerable to FREAK attacks

19 March 2015

Hundreds of Android and iOS apps are still vulnerable to a dangerous attack revealed two weeks ago that can compromise encrypted data, a […]

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Cyber attacks and malware creation set new records in 2014

18 March 2015

It’s hard to talk about security without appearing to sensationalise the problem. Regular stories covering attacks on large companies such as Target, Home […]

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Android Malware Breaks Banking Security

17 March 2015

If you use the Internet, you have probably had to prove your identity by jumping through an extra hoop. Perhaps it was entering […]

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WhatsApp Voice Calling Invitation Spam Comes With Malware

16 March 2015

Android phones will soon start seeing the voice calling features made available for WhatsApp, with other platforms to gradually see their own versions.

One […]

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Dropbox Android Flaw Could Let Hackers Steal Corporate Files

13 March 2015

Android users have been urged to update any apps which might connect via SDK to Dropbox after researchers discovered a flaw which could allow […]

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Prepare for damaging cyberattack, FBI agent warns

12 March 2015

A New York-based FBI official is warning the public to prepare for major cyberattack given the increasing sophistication of hackers around the world.

Leo […]

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CAPTCHA defeating Trojan discovered

11 March 2015

RUSSIAN SECURITY FIRM Kaspersky has spotted a nasty piece of malware that can force its way past Captcha authentication systems and subscribe unwilling […]

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Significant iPhone and iPad malware threats will emerge in 2015

10 March 2015

Hailed as the security innovation of the last decade by renowned cybersecurity expert Mikko Hypponen, the Apple App Store has long been held up […]

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5 billion Android apps open to hack

9 March 2015

Over five billion downloaded Android apps are vulnerable to being hacked, cybersecurity researchers have found, as attackers exploit flaws in Google’s operating system.

Some […]

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Gazon: Mobile malware outbreak strikes Android devices

6 March 2015

A newly discovered mobile malware campaign cloaks itself as an Amazon voucher app before using a victim’s contact list to spread to new […]

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Now Google Play *Books* are helping Android malware and phishing scams to spread

5 March 2015

We all know that Google has had something of a blotted copy book when it comes to keeping its official Android app store, […]

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Android users spammed with fake Amazon gift card offers

4 March 2015

New malware spreading across Android devices via text messages promises free Amazon gift cards but delivers only spam to everyone on the device’s […]

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Anthem Breach Evidence Points to China, Security Researchers Say

3 March 2015

Security researchers have traced the theft of customer data from health insurer Anthem’s data systems to a professor at a Chinese university with […]

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Personal data on 50,000 Uber drivers exposed in breach

The names and license plate numbers of about 50,000 Uber drivers were compromised in a security breach last year, the company revealed Friday.

Uber discovered a […]

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Mobile users face risks on multiple fronts

2 March 2015

A new report from security company FireEye, based on analysis of over seven million mobile apps during 2014, reveals that mobile users are […]

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Malware-Infected Apps on Official Google Play Store Worry Android Users

February 27, 2015

Google is facing increasing concerns about adware infecting its Android operating system, which is used on smartphones and tablets. The attention comes after […]

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Regulator warns of ‘Armageddon’ cyber attack on banks

26 February 2015

A New York financial regulator said he is considering new rules to protect against “an Armageddon-type” cyber attack that would devastate U.S. financial […]

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Banking malware spreading via Microsoft Word macros

25 February 2015

Back in 1995, the anti-virus world took a sharp intake of breath as it realised that malware wasn’t just limited to boot sectors, […]

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387 new malware samples arriving every minute: McAfee

24 February 2015

Mobile app providers have reportedly been very slow to address the most basic secure sockets layer (SSL) vulnerabilities of gadgets like smartphones and […]

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How Malware Can Track Your Smartphone Without Using Location Data

23 February 2015
The way your smartphone uses power provides a simple way to track it, say computer scientists who have developed an app to prove […]

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Lenovo slipped ‘Superfish’ malware into laptops

20 February 2015

Computer maker Lenovo has been shipping laptops prepackaged with malware that makes you more vulnerable to hackers — all for the sake of […]

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Android malware spies on you even after phone is shut down

19 February 2015

A particularly devious new Android malware can make calls or take photos even if you shut the device down, according to security research […]

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Malware infected as many Android devices as Windows laptops in 2014

18 February 2015

A new report published by Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive Security Labs division says that no less than 16 million mobile devices were hit by malware […]

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Mobile malware infections continue to rise, Android and Windows PC the worst offenders

17 February 2015

6 million mobile devices were hit by mobile malware in 2014 as mobile infections continued to accelerate, according to a new report from […]

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Hackers Hit 100 Banks in ‘Unprecedented’ $1 Billion Cyber Heist: Kaspersky Lab

16 February 2015

A multinational gang of cybercriminals infiltrated more than 100 banks across 30 countries and made off with up to one billion dollars over […]

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The mobile pool – Have you taken the plunge?

13 February 2015

You’ve probably heard the message a lot lately. Many experts believe offering a true Mobile App is a sink or swim proposition; a […]

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Hackers target iPhones: Malware runs on iOS7 and iOS8 to steal photos, texts, contacts and even reveal your location

12 February 2015

Hackers are using spyware to steal text messages, contacts, pictures and other personal information from iPhones, according to computer security experts.

Anti-virus company Trend […]

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Car Makers Aren’t Being Honest On Hacker And Privacy Threats

11 February 2015

Even though professional hackers have repeatedly shown how they can remotely attack cars, vehicle manufacturers aren’t doing much to protect their systems, nor […]

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New Adware Found In Google Play Apps With Millions Of Downloads

10 February 2015

A new report from security firm Avast out this morning reveals the discovery of a new form of malware on the Google Play […]

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Many phone apps can track your location, share your information

9 February 2015

You just had a flat tire along a dark country road. Luckily, you downloaded a flashlight app into your cellphone and now can […]

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Your Samsung SmartTV Is Spying on You, Basically

6 February 2015

You may be loving your new Internet-connected television and its convenient voice-command feature—but did you know it’s recording everything you say and sending […]

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40% of ‘malicious and risky’ apps are developed in the US, study claims

5 February 2015

More than 40% of “dangerous” apps on Apple and Google’s app stores were made by American developers, according to a report published by […]

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New Banking Trojan Targets Android, Steals SMS

4 February 2015

A relatively new Android Trojan that specializes in stealing banking information by intercepting SMS messages has been making the rounds.

Researchers at zScaler spotted […]

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SaveMe Malware Infiltrates Google Play

4 February 2015

Despite technological advancements, most of our online experience is built on trust. We trust that app stores like Google Play will weed out […]

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China Demands Tech Companies to give them Backdoor and Encryption Keys

3 February 2015

A number of western companies are doing big business in China, but now they may have to pay a huge value for to […]

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Beware of malware on smartphones

2 February 2015

The new malware that infects and locks computer data until a ransom is paid can just as ea­sily infect smartphones, warned CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Its […]

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New Facebook Tagging Scam Is in the Wild, Containing Malware That Can Infect Every Device

2 February 2015

It seems that scams and hoaxes really are part of a typical Facebook day. After previous reports of a privacy notice post hoax […]

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Antivirus Isn’t Dead, It Just Can’t Keep Up

30 January 2015

Mid 2014, a company called LastLine Labs published some explosive data about antivirus products. They studied hundreds of thousands of pieces of malware […]

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Hackers infiltrating your cellphone? It could happen

29 January 2015

These days, it’s the norm to protect your home computer from malware. But what are you doing to protect your cellphone?

Yes, your smartphone […]

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Which Apps Are Spying On You?

28 January 2015

Is it possible that Smartphone and Tablet apps are spying on you? If so, when would they do it and why? There has been […]

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Security vulnerability in Blackphone service exposed

28 January 2015

A security vulnerability found in the Blackphone security suite allowed a cyberattacker to access and decrypt messages, steal contacts and control the mobile […]

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Ransomware drives mobile malware worries in 2014, report finds

27 January 2015

Mobile malware and ransomware threats grew substantially in 2014 while adware prevalence fell dramatically, according to a report from mobile security specialists Lookout.

Ransomware, […]

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Study Uncovers 40,000 Malicious Mobile Banking Apps

26 January 2015

Mobile banking is an increasingly popular way to stay on top of one’s finances, with the ability to check balances, transfer money and […]

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Android’s Same Origin Policy (SOP) Exploit allows hackers to hijack your Facebook Accounts

23 January 2015

A legacy Android Same Origin Policy (SOP) bug discovered by a Pakistani researcher Rafay Baloch is being used far more widely as per […]

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Android Payment Apps Can Be Risky

22 January 2015

Eleven percent of the payment apps available globally for Android phones and tablets contain malware or suspicious binaries, according to RiskIQ, a company […]

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Proposed CFAA Amendments Could Chill Security Research

21 January 2015

Legitimate security researchers, from bug hunters to pen-testers, are buckled in for a bumpy ride as vague language in President Obama’s proposed amendments […]

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The Interview: South Korea fans risk downloading malware

20 January 2015

Controversial film The Interview has earned $18m so far from online sales and cinema viewings in the US, but some people in South […]

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Led by Ransomware, Android Threats Surge 75%

19 January 2015

2014 saw the continued emergence of a pattern of regional adaptation for mobile malware, along with the rise of fresh mobile threat tactics […]

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Android Malware Looks Safe, Steals Your Photos and Messages

16 January 2015

If you have an Android phone, you probably use it for everything. It’s your phone, your camera, and the best way to keep […]

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Got a phone with Android 4.3 or earlier? No WebView security patches for you!

15 January 2015

It’s not unusual for a developer to quit updating software after a certain amount of time. After all, developers have a limited amount […]

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60 percent of Android devices left vulnerable to security risk

14 January 2015

Security researchers have developed a number of exploits that target WebView in older versions of the Android mobile operating system. Despite the fact […]

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Google Passes on Older Android Patches; 930 Million Devices Vulnerable

13 January 2015

Hackers may have a perpetual shooting gallery of unpatched Android vulnerabilities at their disposal after it was disclosed today that Google no longer […]

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Android Malware Rockets 300X in 2 Years

12 January 2015

Windows may still represent the lion’s share of malware development, but the Android mobile OS continues to garner interest from black hats: 2014, […]

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2014 was the biggest year for malware yet

2 January 2014

Time to pack up your booze and party hats. I’ve got one more roundup which is sure to make you think twice before […]

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Android malware more than doubled in 2014

31 December 2014

FORTIGUARD Labs, the threat research division of Fortinet Inc., said the year 2014 has seen a growing volume of mobile malware, particularly for […]

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Pirated Copies Of The Interview Comes Loaded With Android Malware

30 December 2014

Regardless of whether or not you enjoyed The Interview, the movie has turned out to be Sony’s best selling online movie to date, […]

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Fake “The Interview” app is really an Android banking trojan

29 December 2014

The must-see movie of the moment is surely not “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies”, “Unbroken” or even “Paddington”. No, the one […]

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Malware Remotely Steals Data From iPhone and Android Devices

24 December 2014

A new threat advisory from Akamai alerts enterprises, governments and individuals to the Xsser mobile remote access Trojan (mRAT), which targets iOS and […]

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Malware Hits Staples’ Sales System, Exposing Millions Of Credit Card Information

23 December 2014

The company’s internal investigation has found proof that a malware was installed in the point of sale (POS) systems at 115 different locations. […]

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Major Chinese smartphone manufacturer installed backdoor on up to 10 million devices

22 December 2014

Coolpad, the world’s sixth largest smartphone manufacturer, installed a back door that allows the company to install applications, send alerts, and monitor communications […]

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Chinese Android phone maker hides secret backdoor on its devices

19 December 2014

Chinese smartphone maker Coolpad has built an extensive “backdoor” into its Android devices that can track users, serve them unwanted advertisements and install […]

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CoolReaper pre-installed malware creates backdoor on Chinese Androids

18 December 2014

Security researchers have discovered a backdoor in Android devices sold by Coolpad, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

The “CoolReaper” vuln has exposed over 10 million […]

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Mobile Ad Firms Spotted Serving Up Malware Posing As Google Play Apps

17 December 2014

Malware creators have historically found creative ways to distribute their malicious wares across PC networks, and now they’ve turned their attention to mobile. […]

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Red October Malware Comes Back To Infect Windows Phones, Android, And Jailbroken iPhones

16 December 2014

A new highly complex malware, classified as an “advanced persistent threat,” much like the recently discovered Regin malware, has been found in the […]

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Android Malware Installs Pirated Assassin’s Creed App

15 December 2014

A pirated version of the Assassin’s Creed application for Android is bundled with malware according to the security-as-as-service from Zscaler.

Assassin’s Creed is a […]

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Android devices face threat from password, SMS stealing malware

12 December 2014

Android/SmsSend is an SMS-sending malware that reaps profit from sending SMS messages to premium rate numbers

Cyber security sleuths have alerted Android-based smart phone […]

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Teenagers expose ATM weakness in easy hack

11 December 2014

Two 14-year-old boys “hacked” into their local bank’s cash machine by simply reading the device’s manual.

With a touch more innocence than Anonymous’s World […]

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Researchers: Android malware records phone conversations

11 December 2014

Researchers have discovered a spy campaign where both computers and smartphones are attacked and hacked routers and proxies are used to hide the […]

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Digital Spies Target Diplomats’ iPhones, Androids And PCs With ‘Inception’ Malware

10 December 2014

A range of politicians and diplomats have been targeted by stealthy hackers, who have been trying to thrust malware onto dignitaries’ iPhone and […]

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DeathRing Malware Pre-Loaded on Android Smartphones

9 December 2014

One of the first things you should do upon buying a new Android smartphone is load up an antivirus utility, to fend off […]

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Cheap Android smartphones pre-loaded with malware

8 December 2014

Malware that cannot be uninstalled by the end user is being pre-loaded onto some cheap Android smartphones.

As part of Microsoft’s “mobile first, cloud […]

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FBI warns of ‘destructive’ malware following Sony hack

5 December 2014

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned that hackers have used malware to launch destructive attacks against businesses in the United […]

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Pre-loaded malware on new Android phones is on the rise

4 December 2014

The danger of having your Android handset come preloaded with malware is rising, especially if you live in Asia and Africa and are […]

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Uber’s Database Could Be Tempting for Hackers

3 December 2014

Uber hasn’t looked so hot on privacy lately. Between senior executive Emil Michael suggesting at a private dinner that Uber dig up dirt […]

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That sub-$100 Android slab you got on Black Friday? RIDDLED with holes, say infosec bods

2 December 2014

Those fighting through hordes of fellow crazed bargain junkies this Black Friday should avoid some of the cheapo Android tablets on offer.

Security researchers […]

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Cyber Monday shoppers on high alert in light of data breaches

Aaron Austin and Tonita Davidson are more cautious this year about how they spend their money when shopping.
Like many, they intend to spend as much […]

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Uber’s Android App May Be Collecting An Alarming Amount Of Your Personal Data

1 December 2014

Uber’s Android app may be sending your private data back to the company, reports Cult of Mac’s Buster Hein.

The data transfer was reportedly discovered […]

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Android tablets at Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Walmart found to include major security flaws, malware

26 November 2014

All of the dozen different “doorbuster” Android tablets Bluebox examined were found to include unpatched Android vulnerabilities including Masterkey, FakeID, Heartbleed and Futex, […]

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Tricky Regin malware poses biggest threat outside US

25 November 2014
The hard-to-detect malware is a Swiss Army knife of clandestine tools to extract information from targets in non-English speaking countries, experts say.
News of […]

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Malware Hits 4.5 Million Android Smartphones

24 November 2014

A complex malware program called “NotCompatible” may have spread to as many as 4.5 million Android smartphones since January 2013. It is the […]

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‘Sophisticated’ Android malware hits phones

21 November 2014

Android has become a popular target for malicious programs. Hundreds of thousands of Android phones have been infected with malware that uses handsets […]

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Android botnet could pose threat to corporate networks

20 November 2014

An Android Trojan program that’s behind one of the longest running multipurpose mobile botnets has been updated to become stealthier and more resilient.

The […]

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NotCompatible: Android Malware Could Compromise Entire Networks With One Infected Smartphone

19 November 2014

One of the most sophisticated pieces of smartphone malware has been uncovered which could infect entire corporate networks if just one device is […]

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Android and iOS apps still being cloned to spread malware

18 November 2014

Finance, healthcare and retail are top targets
Mobile app cloning from unauthorised app sites now affects 97 percent of the top 100 paid Android […]

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Mobile fraud report notes reliance on OTPs as top concern

17 November 2014

In a mobile security report, a significant number of Android users said they make use of one-time passwords (OTPs) for mobile banking, but […]

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Android continues to rule the smartphone world – in malware threats

14 November 2014

The malware threats increase, account to Android being rated as the most popular smartphone platform around the globe right now, or is it […]

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Is mobile banking risky?

The recent hacking scandals involving nude pictures of dozens of celebrities exposes just how vulnerable all of us are to hacking and cyberspying.

7 On Your […]

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Melbourne, malware and android mobiles a lethal mix

13 November 2014

Melbourne has the unenviable record as the Australian city most susceptible to malware threats, according to new research ranking it ahead of Brisbane, […]

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Masque malware is putting iPad and iPhone user data at risk

12 November 2014

IOS USERS have been warned of a major security flaw that could allow attackers to steal financial and personal information from app caches […]

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Apple iOS bug lets fake apps sneak onto iPhones, iPads

11 November 2014

Want to hack an iPhone? There’s an app for that.

Hackers have a new way to break into Apple mobile devices using Web pages, […]

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Malware Discovered In China Could Herald ‘New Era’ Of iOS And Mac Threats

10 November 2014

Conventional wisdom suggests that the vast majority of mobile malware cases impact Android devices. Or at least that those who do not jailbreak their iPhones are […]

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iOS Experts Worried By Fake App Store’s Malware

7 November 2014

Apple’s iOS devices have generally been relatively safe from malware threats in the past. But you might want to watch what you plug […]

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This is the most advanced iPhone malware yet, and it should terrify you

6 October 2014

Apple used its iOS anti-malware security many times to bash Android’s malware problem — which is an issue that affects plenty of Android […]

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Ex-teen hacker tells Paris Hilton he’s sorry

5 November 2014

A former teen hacker who stole nude photos from Paris Hilton’s cellphone and swiped a half million dollars from unsuspecting consumers tells NBC […]

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App turns any Android phone owner into a hacker

4 November 2014

In the computing world, as in life, the worst threat is the one you can’t prepare for – like the security threat demonstrated by […]

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Android dialer hides, resists attempts to remove it

3 November 2014

A malicious dialer disguised as an application for adults could become a big problem for Android users, as the malware systematically removes traces […]

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Beware of the malware walking dead

31 October 2014

It’s Halloween – goblins, ghouls and ghosts gather in haunted houses and corporate offices alike. In security, while we’ve spent a good portion […]

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95% of companies challenged by BYOD security

30 October 2014

Around 95 percent of IT and security professionals are struggling with the security threat presented by BYOD (bring your own device) – and […]

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Mobile Malware Takes Victims by Surprise

29 October 2014

Malware writers behind Koler, a bad app that attacks Android devices, have upped their game with a new variant of the pernicious program.
In […]

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Android ransomware ‘Koler’ turns into a worm, spreads via SMS

28 October 2014

A malicious Android app that takes over the screen of devices and extorts money from users with fake notifications from law enforcement agencies […]

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Rogue Tor node wraps executables with malware

27 October 2014

Josh Pitts of Leviathan Security Group has uncovered a malicious Tor exit node in Russia. The node wraps Windows executable files inside a […]

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60% of Android attacks use financial malware

24 October 2014

Malicious programs targeting Android-based devices in order to steal money were used in 60 percent of attempted attacks registered by Kaspersky Lab security […]

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Android Malware Attacks Soaring

23 October 2014

More than six times as many malware attacks on Android systems were registered this year than last year, according to a report released […]

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Android malware mutations on the rise

22 October 2014

The incidence of mobile malware assaults by banking trojans may be overstated, but mutations in attack vectors are growing at an alarming rate, […]

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Technique allows attackers to hide Android malware in images

21 October 2014

A new technique that allows attackers to hide encrypted malicious Android applications inside images could be used to evade detection by antivirus products […]

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Next-gen Android vulnerability unearthed

20 October 2014

Security solutions vendor, Check Point Software Technologies, has discovered a new vulnerability in the Android operating system (OS).

In Check Point research entitled “Man […]

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New attack hides stealthy Android malware in images

17 October 2014

A new technique that allows attackers to hide encrypted malicious Android applications inside images could be used to evade detection by antivirus products […]

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Bitcoin will do nicely — the state of Russian cyber crime

16 October 2014

Banking fraud is down, mobile threats are up and cryptocurrency is the preferred payment method in the world of Russian cyber criminals.

Fraud prevention […]

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Researcher blames vulnerable code re-use for zero-day in Android’s CyanogenMod

15 October 2014

If you installed CyanogenMod on your Android, then your device is purportedly vulnerable to a zero-day blamed on code re-use. At the Ruxcon […]

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Android Trojan poses as game of noughts and crosses

14 October 2014
Goaml malware steals text messages and emails

A new Trojan that targets Android devices while pretending to be a game of noughts and crosses […]

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Kmart joins list of retailers hit by data theft

13 October 2014

NEW YORK — Sears Holdings Corp. said Friday that a data breach at its Kmart stores that started last month may have compromised […]

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Selfmite Android malware returns, bigger & badder

10 October 2014

The Selfmite worm that attacks Android phones and sends out text messages has made a reappearance, prompting security researchers to warn the new […]

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Nearly half of all Android devices are still vulnerable to two serious browser exploits

9 October 2014

Around 45 percent of Android devices have a browser that is vulnerable to two serious security issues, but some countries have a considerably […]

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Secret ad beacon network uncovered, shut down in New York City

8 October 2014

For almost a year, a company called Titan has operated a network of advertising beacons, devices that are capable of identifying nearby smartphones […]

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Banks are struggling with cybersecurity. That doesn’t bode well for other industries.

7 October 2014

Banks are supposed to be among the most secure places on earth, guarded against physical attacks and cyber intrusions by extensive security measures.

But after JPMorgan Chase, the country’s […]

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ATM malware dispenses cash to attackers

7 October 2014

A backdoor program allowing cash dispersal has been detected on automated teller machines in multiple countries, although mostly in Russia. Kaspersky Lab reports that the […]

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Report: Huge spike in mobile malware targets Android, especially mobile payments

7 October 2014

Two very predictable traits drive cybercriminals: First, they tend to focus on targets with the highest odds of success. Second, they prefer attacks […]

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Destructive Android Trojan poses as newest Angry Birds game

6 October 2014

Android malware masquerading as a legitimate app or game being offered on online app stores is not a rare occurrence, but purposefully destructive […]

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Zero Day Weekly: JP Morgan Chase, iOS malware Xsser, FBI informant’s spree

3 October 2014

Welcome to Zero Day’s Week In Security, our roundup of notable security news items for the week ending October 3, 2014. Covers enterprise, controversies, […]

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Highest mobile malware incidents occur through android devices

1 October 2014
The desktop traffic is rapidly transferring into the mobile traffic. The user tendency is changing frequently. As the mobile device utilization is high, […]

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Sophisticated malware already spying on Hong Kong protesters’ iOS and Android phones

2 October 2014

Whenever mobile malware comes up, the usual reports detail new malicious apps that are found to affect Android, while iOS remains largely unaffected […]

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Vulnerability Found in Android Gmail App

29 September 2014

While Google’s Gmail usually has a reputation for providing a reliable and secure email service, it has recently been revealed by researchers that […]

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Android Trojan Disguised as DHL Tracker

25 September 2014

Tracking packages en route is one of the many pleasures birthed by online commerce. But security company Malwarebytes tells us that some […]

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Alcatel-Lucent malware report reveals that more apps are spying on us, stealing personal information and pirating data minutes

26 September 2014

HEADLINE2Kindsight Security Labs’ figures reveal jump in mobile and residential attacks in first half of 2014, with an estimated 15 million mobile devices […]

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Malaysians also vulnerable to ‘celebrities nude pictures’ ID theft

12:00 EST September 24, 2014



Recent reports of malware attacks in Malaysia could leave users here vulnerable to identity theft as the method used is similar […]

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Android Malware Exploits SSL Vulnerability

24 September 2014

According to a blog posted by the security outfit Trend Micro, Android users could be potentially vulnerable to a new slew of problems […]

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Fake Android Update Hijacks Your Calls and Texts

23 September 2014

The recent launch of iOS 8 saw millions of people upgrading their iPhones’ operating systems (and many failing to have enough available memory […]

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Windseeker app spies on chats using injection, hooking techniques

22 September 2014

A security firm discovered a malicious Android app, called “Windseeker,” that takes advantage of injection and hooking techniques not commonly seen in the […]

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Russian duo arrested for mobile malware scam

19 September 2014

Two members of a Russian cybercrime gang have been arrested for withdrawing money from people’s bank accounts by infecting their Android smartphones with […]

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WikiLeaks releases FinFisher ‘weaponized malware’ to help people build defenses

18 September 2014

WikiLeaks has today released copies of ‘weaponized malware’ used by various governments around the world to snoop on individuals.

The FinFisher software is no […]

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Browser vulnerability caps rough few months for Android security

17 September 2014

It has been a summer of discontent for the Android security community, as a host of vulnerabilities large and small has arisen to […]

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Study: 15 Million Devices Infected With Mobile Malware

16 September 2014

Sixty percent of the infected devices run Android.

Fifteen million mobile devices are infected with malware, and most of those run Android, according to […]

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New Android malware disguises itself as antivirus app

15 September 2014

Users of Android devices may want to verify their antivirus apps before installing them, lest the apps turn out to be malware.

Security vendor […]

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Google, Facebook ID codes found in Android malware stash

15 September 2014

Research on Android malware called KorBanker has uncovered a treasure trove of text messages that include authentication codes for Google and Facebook and […]

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New Android malware disguises itself as antivirus app

11:30 AM EST September 12, 2014


Users of Android devices may want to verify their antivirus apps before installing them, lest the apps turn out to […]

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Google Voice Search On Android Smartphones Could be Exploited by Malware

9:00 AM EST September 12, 2014


Researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have developed a new malware application called VoicEmployer to show how criminals […]

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One million pieces of mobile malware – and counting

9:00 AM EST September 11, 2014  In parallel with F-Secure’s report, fellow security vendor Avast says this summer has seen the million pieces of mobile malware […]

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Google, Facebook ID codes found in Android malware stash

10:30 AM EST September 10, 2014

Research on Android malware called KorBanker has uncovered a treasure trove of text messages that include authentication codes for Google […]

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Flappy Bird Clone can Steal Images from Android Devices

11:30 AM EST September 9, 2014


Celebrity picture hackers planned to exploit users permission negligence over accessing photos.

Hackers, who last week compromised Apple’s iCloud and leaked sexually explicit images of […]

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Apple iCloud Attack Pales In Comparison To Mobile Banking Malware Dange

9:00 AM EST September 4 2014

A malicious mobile app that can tap into SMS messages and steal passwords, two-factor authentication passcodes and other sensitive mobile […]

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Backoff malware infections may be more widespread than previously thought

10:00 EST September 2, 2014



The number of businesses hit by the data-stealing Backoff malware may be substantially more than the 1,000 or so companies estimated […]

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Android app ambush: Researchers successfully hack Gmail 9 times out of 10

10:00 AM EST August 29 2014

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Be careful about the apps you download onto your Android […]

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Critical Android vulnerability lets malware compromise most devices and apps

09:39 ET, 28 August 2014

The majority of Android devices currently in use contain a vulnerability that allows malware to completely hijack installed apps and their […]

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Thousands of Android phones are being hijacked by terrifying ransomware

9:00 EST August 27, 2014

Android users beware — another major malware threat has taken the mobile world by storm. According to San Francisco-based security firm Lookout, […]

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900,000 Android Phones Hit by Ransomware in 30 days

You are guilty of child porn, child abuse, zoophilia or sending out bulk spam. You are a criminal. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has locked […]

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Android Gmail App Found Vulnerable to Exploit

10:22 AM EST August 26 2014

Android users beware: Several high-profile apps containing sensitive information have vulnerabilities, engineers said last Friday, which malicious hackers can exploit. […]

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Researchers Show Malware Can Hack Gmail App With 92% Success Rate

10:00 EST August 22 2014

Researchers claims a new piece of malware can steal highly sensitive data from smartphone apps on Android, Windows Phone and iOS […]

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Android ransomware masquerades as Symantec mobile AV

9:00 EST 21 August 2014


A new piece of Android ransomware is doing rounds, and is tricking users into installing it by posing as a legitimate […]

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Google Voice Search On Android Smartphones Could be Exploited by Malware

09:27 ET, 20 August 2014

Researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have developed a new malware application called VoicEmployer to show how criminals could […]

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New Android Malware Is Spreading Through Third-Party App Markets

9:16 EST August 20 2014
ESET sounds the alarm after Krysanec RAT is found piggybacking on top of its own security app

Security researchers at ESET have […]

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Android App Uninstaller Reads Your Texts

09:43 ET, 19 August 2014

This week, Malwarebytes points us to an app that disguises itself as an uninstaller utility. Such apps are handy enough, but this […]

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New app reveals how your smartphone can spy on you without permission

09:21 ET, 18 August 2014

Your Android phone can be turned into a microphone without your permission or knowledge. All that’s needed are the gyros in […]

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Chinese cops cuff teen over Heart App Android malware flap

10:05 ET, 15 August 2014

Chinese authorities have arrested a 19-year-old suspected of unleashing a fast spreading strain of malware that infects Android smartphones.

Police told Chinese […]

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New Android Malware Is Spreading Through Third-Party App Markets

10:13 ET, 14 August 2014

Security researchers at ESET have discovered a new strain of Android malware that is distributed through the unofficial app markets.

The company […]

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Krysanec RAT hides in fake Android apps

9:14 EST 13 August 2014



In a new blog post on its We Live Security website, the security firm reveals that the RAT contains the Java-based […]

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Hackers starting to learn Counterveillance during Blackhat and Defcon

11:23 ET, 12 August 2014

Are you being spied on? That worry is a top focus of discussion at the Def Con 22 hackers conference. High-tech […]

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Smartphone hack: Malware able to steal anything infects 500,000+ devices

09:34 ET, 12 August 2014

Banks should look for new – secure – ways of exchanging information with their clients after the emergence of malicious software […]

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Smart Nest thermostat easily turned into spying device

10:25 ET, 11 August 2014

At this year’s edition of the Black Hat security conference, a group of researchers has shown how extremely easy is to hack into […]

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Fundamental ‘Fake ID’ Flaw Lets Malware Run Wild

9:00 AM EST AUGUST 11, 2014


One of the best things about mobile operating systems is sandboxing. This technique compartmentalizes applications, preventing risky apps (or any […]

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Dangerous Android malware can do anything it wants with over 500K infected devices

9:20 EST AUGUST 8 2014



A new piece of dangerous malware has apparently been discovered, reports, and it’s running on more than half a million Android devices from the […]

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Android malware spreads via mail tracking SMS spam

8:35 EST AUGUST 7 2014


Attackers are spreading Android malware to users under the guise of phony mail tracking notifications made to look like DHL Express […]

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Retailers Harassed by Backoff Malware

9:00 EST AUGUST 6 2014


Remote desktop software is attractive to hackers because if it’s cracked, it gives them the same control over a system that […]

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New Android ‘Fake ID’ flaw empowers stealthy new class of super-malware

8:55 EST AUGUST 6 2014


A new Android design error discovered by Bluebox Security allows malicious apps to grab extensive control over a user’s device without […]

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Android malware SandroRAT disguised as mobile security app

09:26 ET, 5 August 2014

Researchers are again warning users to steer clear of app downloads from unvetted sources, particularly since new Android malware is making […]

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Android malware SandroRAT disguised as mobile security app

08:45 EST, 5 August 2014



Researchers are again warning users to steer clear of app downloads from unvetted sources, particularly since new Android malware is making the […]

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Android Viruses and Malware Increased 20 Times Since 2012: Study

09:08 ET, 4 August 2014

Upcoming Android L release is supposed to be the most secure version of Android yet, however, as far as the current […]

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Almost one in ten Android apps infected by malware

9:30 EST, 1 August 2014 

As many as 9 per cent of Android apps are infected with malware, according to a new piece of research, although the […]

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U.S. Warns Retailers of ‘Backoff’ Malware

16:42 ET, 31 July 2014

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a notice Thursday indicating a new and virulent form of malware called “Backoff” has […]

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Loudmouth Android Malware Speaks Your Secret

9:30 EST, 31 July 2014

A new type of Android malware talks about you behind your back — and like a rebellious teenager, it doesn’t […]

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Android crypto blunder exposes users to highly privileged malware

09:40 ET, 30 July 2014

The majority of devices running Google’s Android operating system are susceptible to hacks that allow malicious apps to bypass a key […]

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New Android ‘Fake ID’ flaw empowers stealthy new class of super-malware

08:43 ET, 29 July 2014

A new Android design error discovered by Bluebox Security allows malicious apps to grab extensive control over a user’s device without […]

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Almost 1 in 10 Android apps are now malware

09:13 ET, 28 July 2014

Cheetah Mobile Threat Research Labs analyzed trends in mobile viruses for Q1 and Q2 of 2014. Pulling 24.4 million sample files […]

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File-encrypting Android ransomware’s extortion attempts mimic FBI

1:08 ET, 25 July 2014

A ransomware threat that encrypts files stored on the SD memory cards of Android devices has been updated to target English-speaking […]

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34 European Banks Hit by Android-Skirting Malware

09:44 ET, 24 July 2014

Criminals have been finding gaping holes in Android-based two-factor authentication systems that banks around the world are using. The result: 34 […]

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Op Emmental spoofs bank sites, uses Android malware to maintain account access

11:00 EST July 23, 2014


Cyber criminals have crafted an intricate attack method for maintaining a foothold in victim’s online bank accounts, researchers warn.

On Tuesday, Trend […]

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When Google Sells Your Data, It Might Be Illegally Killing Your Phone’s Battery

10:20 ET, 23 July 2014

Personal information about you and your browsing, email, and app-using habits is regularly sent between apps on your Android phone, a potentially […]

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Global rise in Android banking and payment malware

9:00 EST July 22, 2014

Mobile banking and mobile payment malware – malicious software that can extort money from users by hijacking personal information and spoofing […]

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Beware of Fake Google Apps that Steal User Data of Android Smartphone Users

11:00 EST July 21, 2014


Android smartphone users should beware of fake Google apps that intercept user data like text messages, calls and other pertinent information.
In […]

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IT Pros Report Surge in Concern About Ransomware

11:00 EST, July 18 2014


73 percent of respondents to a recent survey said they’re very or extremely concerned about the impact of ransomware, up from […]

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ScarePakage Android ransomware pretends to be FBI warning

11:00 EST, July 17 2014

Hard-to-remove malware locks devices and tries to make people pay $300 fines, says security firm Lookout


A fresh strain of Android malware […]

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China-Made Handheld Barcode Scanners Ship with Spyware

11:00 EST, July 16 2014

Credit: wk1003mike/Shutterstock.Credit: wk1003mike/Shutterstock.

Who scans the scanners?

Some Chinese-manufactured shipping-barcode handheld scanners — of the type used by many United States retailers and […]

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Mobile Ransomware: Extortion Racket Hits Cyberspace

11:00 AM July 15 2014

Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts usage of the device it infects, demanding a ransom from the end user […]

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Zeus Banking Malware Active Despite Recent Botnet Takedown

10:00 EST July 14, 2014

Despite recent law enforcement action severely crippling one of the most active botnets associated with the notorious Zeus banking malware, security researchers […]

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Android SMS bot sets new infection record

Until recently embedded advertising modules have topped Dr.Web’s malicious program rankings, but statistics for recent months indicate that an Android SMS bot Trojan has been spreading […]

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New Android malware outsmarts antivirus vendors

12:00 10 July 2014


Fake app beats 94% of AV tools.

The majority of antivirus products failed to detect a piece of malware targeting Android devices, network […]

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This huge Android security flaw could cost you a fortune

9:45 AM July 9th, 2014



Android’s open nature offers some substantial benefits to consumers versus rival mobile platforms such as Apple’s iOS operating system. There are […]

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Rogue Android soft can ‘place phone calls at will’

09:15 ET, 8 July 2014

Researchers at German security firm Curesec have identified bugs present in most versions of Android that can allow malicious applications to […]

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With World Cup Malware, The Goal Is You

8:55 AM July 7th, 2014

The official FIFA World Cup 2014 logo. Credit: FIFA The official FIFA World Cup 2014 logo. Credit: FIFA

The 2014 FIFA World […]

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Rare text message worm targets Android devices

10:00 AM July 3rd, 2014


A rare Android worm that propagates itself to other users via links in text messages has been discovered by security researchers.

Once […]

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Android HijackRAT malware app poses major risk to mobile banking customers

9:00 AM, JULY 2ND, 2014

A new sophisticated HijackRAT malware capable of simultaneously hacking private data, stealing banking credentials and granting hackers remote access to the […]

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iPhone, Android open to remote control malware

9:00 AM, JULY 1ST, 2014



Analysis by researchers with Kaspersky Lab has revealed that a new generation of RCS (Remote Control Software) malware is now infecting […]

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More proof Flappy Bird is evil: over 250 clones reportedly packing malware

4:28 PM, JUNE 30TH, 2014



There’s already enough reasons to hate Flappy Bird, from its ultra-hard gameplay to horrible graphics and all the media attention such […]

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5 million Android users have malware problems

09:08 ET, 30 June 2014

Despite Android Chief Sundar Pichai hitting back at Apple’s claims the platform is insecure, it has emerged 5 million Android users […]

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Android malware targets South Korean online banking customers

09:02 ET, 27 June 2014

Malicious software that swaps itself for legitimate online banking applications is striking users in South Korea, with thousands of devices infected […]

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Up to 5 million Android users have malware issues

08:59 ET, 26 June 2014

Ignoring the unexpected protesters who tried to disrupt Google’s major developer event on Wednesday, or the unnecessary code demonstrations to an […]

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Hacky Bird: Malware Infests Flappy Bird Alternatives

11:50 ET, June 25 2014


The mobile game “Flappy Bird” might be bad for you— and not just because of its soul-crushing combination of addictiveness and […]

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Malware ships pre-installed on ‘Star’ Android phone

07:36 ET, 24 June 2014


Security researchers will sound the alarm every now and then when a new piece of Android malware is discovered. It’s usually […]

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Android Malware Posing As Google Play Silently Pilfers Bank Logins

10:48 ET, 23 June 2014







A piece of Android malware has been uncovered that comes disguised as the Google Play app but uses a smart download […]

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An obvious scam Android app has been installed over 1 million times in under a month

10:49 ET, 20 June 2014


People, you really ought to read an app’s permissions before you download it. Reddit’s Android community has flagged an obvious scam app […]

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An incredibly sneaky piece of malware has finally been pulled from Google Play

14:35 ET, 19 June 2014



Even various legit Android apps have been found to have additional hidden powers, which is why it shouldn’t surprise us that one […]

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Android Malware Holds Your Photos, Videos for Ransom

09:16 ET, 10 June 2014


A new type of malware found on Android devices can take your mobile photos, videos and documents hostage and hold them […]

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What App Permissions Mean in Plain English

When you’re eagerly installing the latest must-have disappearing photo app or addictive puzzle game, how much time are you likely to spend reading through the […]

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New Android Malware Forcing Users to Pay to Unlock Their Data

11:21 ET, 9 January 2014


Security experts are stating that Google’s Android operating system has a chance to fall prey to a Trojan malware of the […]

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Beijing Sets Sights on Third Party Android Stores in Cleanup Act

10:36 ET, 6 June 2014

Clampdown on malicious apps could help purge the platform.

The Chinese government is set to monitor third party Android app stores for […]

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Simplocker Android malware locks up mobile data and demands a ransom

09:30 ET, 5 June 2014

A fresh strain of criminal software has been discovered encrypting the data of Android smartphone owners, then demanding payment to unlock […]

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Happy Birthday to Mobile Malware

09:47 ET, 4 June 2014

It’s been ten years since the Cabir virus began infecting Nokia handsets, jumping from phone to phone via open Bluetooth connections […]

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Avast hacked – 400,000 user details stolen

Getting hacked is bad enough for any company — just ask eBay — but it’s even worse (and certainly more embarrassing) when the firm in […]

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Malware creation breaks all records! 160,000 new samples every day

Net-Security.Org reported: Malware creation has broken all records during this period, with a figure of more than 15 million new samples, and more than 160,000 […]

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Malware authors targeting Android phones

09:04 ET, 3 June 2014

A new research has indicated that the number of malicious apps available on the Google Play store will continues to grow. […]

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Fake Android soccer gaming apps just show ads

09:00 ET, 2 June 2014

As the soccer world cup in Brazil is coming close, the offering of soccer-related apps on the Google Play store is […]

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Google releases VirusTotal uploader for Mac malware submissions

10:45 ET, 30 May 2014

There are fewer malware threats for Mac OS X than Windows or Android, but they do exist and now Mac users […]

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Cyber gangs expand ransomware scams to target Android users

09:35 ET, 29 May 2014

Criminals have expanded their ransomware campaigns to target Google Android smartphones and tablets, according to security firm Trend Micro.

Trend Micro security […]

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Android users, beware: Huge security hole lets phones secretly spy on you and capture photos

11:50 ET, 27 May 2014

We have seen some scary Android malware in the past, but a new report from former Googler and current software engineer turned […]

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Russian gang steals money and passwords from Android with sophisticated ‘iBanking’ malware

09:00 ET, 23 May 2014


Android users are being targeted by cybercriminals in one of the most sophisticated attacks of its kind to date.

The ‘iBanking’ malware […]

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This complex PC-Android malware combo can be yours for just $5,000

09:20 ET, 22 May 2014

Researchers at Symantec have discovered that previously known phishing malware for Android has been further developed into a sophisticated weapon that […]

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Despite source code leak, Android malware fetches top $5,000 price

09:20 ET, 21 May 2014

Despite a leak of its source code, an Android program aimed at compromising online bank accounts is still commanding US$5,000 per […]

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More than 100 people nabbed in global hacker crackdown


Computer hacker forums lit up last week as FBI agents and police in 17 countries began knocking on doors, seizing computers and making arrests.

On the […]

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Android accounts for whopping 99 percent of mobile malware

09:40 ET, 19 May 2014

NINETY-NINE PERCENT of mobile threats in the first quarter of 2014 were aimed at Android devices according to the latest figures […]

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Mobile Malware Hits Two Million as Threats Mature

09:20 ET, 16 May 2014

The volume of mobile malware and high-risk apps soared to over two million in the first quarter of 2014, a decade […]

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Android apps can be exploited to launch attacks

09:35 ET, 15 May 2014

Security researchers from TrendLabs have found vulnerabilities in some Android apps, which lead to attacks or leave user data at risk.

The […]

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Droid malware cloak outwits Google Bouncer and friends

08:55 ET, 14 May 2014

Google’s Bouncer Android defence tool is one of a dozen malware detection platforms that can be flawlessly skirted by malware employing […]

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Study: Android Targeted by 99% of New Mobile Malware

09:50 ET, 13 May 2014

Yet another study has found that malware is most prevalent among Android devices. F-Secure’s latest quarter study found that 99 percent […]

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New Android worm could be on the way

09:46 ET, 12 May 2014

It’s hard to keep up with all the security threats to mobile devices these days, which is why a little advance […]

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Malware-infected Android Apps Spike in the Google Play Store

10:30 ET, 9 May 2014

Wallpaper Dragon Ball and Finger Hockey were cited as among the most downloaded malicious apps

 The number of mobile apps infected with […]

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Watch out for this scary Android malware that holds your phone hostage unless you pay

09:20 ET, 8 May 2014


If your Android phone locks up and accuses you of watching child pornography, don’t worry about the FBI barging down your doors anytime […]

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Don’t ask for your privacy. Take it back.

How to #ResetTheNet
The problem
The NSA is exploiting weak links in Internet security to spy on the entire world, twisting the Internet we love into something […]

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Police ransom malware comes to Android

09:20 ET, 7 May 2014

After two years of police-themed ransomware headaches for desktop owners, the extortion scam has arrived for Android.

Police ransom malware that has […]

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Android Trojans Make Up the Bulk of Mobile Threats

09:20 ET, 6 May 2014
More than 99% of new mobile threats still target Android users, according to F-Secure Labs. Of the 277 new threat families […]

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Android Apps on PC – Apps Causing a Concern with Security Risks

09:10 ET, 5 May 2014

Mobile malware is one thing that security vendors have been concerned about for quite some time now.

The detected malware spike is […]

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Mobile Malware Overwhelmingly Targets Android Users

10:00 ET, 2 May 2014

Mobile malware is on the rise, and Android gets the brunt of the harmful software. That’s according to the Mobile Threat […]

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Worm-like Android malware spreads using text messages

09:20 ET, 1 May 2014


A piece of malware targeting Russian-speaking Android users abuses a person’s contact list to try and infect other devices, according to […]

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Android Trojan Looks, Acts Like Windows Malware

12:00 ET, 30 April 2014
Android Trojan “Odad.a” rivals Windows malware in the harm it can do to mobile device users, say experts.
Android malware is becoming […]

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New iDroid mobile trojan said to impact iOS and Android devices

09:50 ET, 29 April 2014

A new mobile trojan could possibly attack devices running either iOS or Android.

A new piece of mobile malware being offered up […]

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Android users, beware: Simple wallpaper apps found to secretly mine bitcoin

09:00 ET, 28 April 2014

Not long ago it was discovered that a couple of Google Play Store Android applications that were downloaded anywhere from one […]

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‘BadLepricon” Malware Turning Android Phones Into Surreptitious Bitcoin Miners

09:30 ET, 25 April 2014

Advertised as a wallpaper app for Andriod phones in the Google play store, “Bad Lepricon” malware hijacks end-user devices like smartphones […]

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Malware scam message targets Facebook users on Android

10:00 ET, 24 April 2014

If you get this message on Facebook, delete it, it’s a scam. Source: Supplied

A NEW scam is targeting Facebook users […]

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One in three Android apps on non-Google stores are malicious

09:00 ET, 23 April 2014

Almost a third of Android apps on third-party app stores contain some form of malicious software, according to research from cybersecurity […]

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Android Wallet Steals Bank Info and Mysterious iOS Malware

09:00 ET, 22 April 2014

Today on Mobile Threat Monday, it’s another double-feature. First up, F-Secure analyzes a nasty piece of Android malware preying on Korean […]

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Scary Android malware uses Facebook to bypass two-factor authentication

08:45 ET, 21 April 2014

Android users have yet another piece of malware to worry about. PC World points out a technique that is specifically targeting Facebook […]

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Android Malware Targets Facebook Users

10:30 ET, 18 April 2014

The iBanking app is installed using sideloading, a major vector for malware getting installed on Android devices. Android warns about sideloading […]

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Heartbleed: Android Phones Still at Risk for Data Breach

09:30 ET, 17 April 2014

The Internet security world mobilized to tackle the Heartbleed software bug. But although most of the holes have been patched, a […]

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Android Devices Still Awaiting Heartbleed Fix

08:45 ET, 16 April 2014

Millions of Android users are still awaiting a solution for the Heartbleed bug, UPI reports.

Google announced last week that tablets and […]

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Flashlight app spyware maker only gets a slap on the wrist

09:30 ET, 15 April 2014

Perhaps the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took the phrase "crime doesn't pay" a bit too literally. The government agency has reported […]

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Android Malware: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

08:45 ET, 14 April 2014

Isn’t Android malware just the most terrifying thing in the entire universe? Not really. But it’s still a problem in today’s […]

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Lagging Android devices vulnerable to Heartbleed

10:00 ET, 11 April 2014

The precise impact of the Heartbleed OpenSSL security bug is becoming clearer. Client-side applications can be vulnerable too, not just servers […]

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NSA monitors WiFi on US planes ‘in violation’ of privacy laws

13:00 ET, 10 April 2014

Companies that provide WiFi on US domestic flights are handing over their data to the NSA, adapting their technology to allow […]

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Android malware more prevalent than first thought

10:00 ET, 10 April 2014


A new report has suggested that the problem with malware for smartphone users could be bigger than first thought, with potentially […]

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Mobile malware authors ‘almost exclusively’ focused on Android in 2013

09:00 ET, 9 April 2014

Attackers continue to target Android more than any other mobile operating system, according to a new report released Tuesday, as Google's […]

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Most sophisticated Android malware yet has already infected millions

10:00 ET, 8 April 2014
Android is still the most targeted mobile platform out there in terms of mobile malware, considering the reports that keep detailing […]

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Advanced Malware Targeting ‘Android Users'; Over 1M Devices Affected Worldwide

10:00 ET, 7 April 2014

Invariably, the most targeted mobile platform by hackers is the Android platform.
A couple of months back, The Hacker News reported […]

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Nearly Half Of Americans Claim They’ve Changed Their Behavior Due To NSA

The folks at the NSA and their defenders used to use the argument that we were on the verge of a"cyber pearl harbor" in their constant […]

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Snowden killed all iPhone encryptions

If you use encryption software on your iPhone and you paid for it, than you paid for illusion not for security. Thanks to Snowden and […]

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Mobile Hackers’ First Love: Banks

09:30 ET, 4 April 2014
Banking is the biggest target for the growing mobile hacking space, explains Tom Brewster

Smartphone attacks are just emerging as a […]

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Android Botnet Targets Middle East Banks

12:00 ET, 3 April 2014

I recently encountered a botnet targeting Android smartphone users who bank at financial institutions in the Middle East. The crude yet […]

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‘Songs’ Android app caught mining bitcoins

09:30 ET, 1 April 2014

The news was unearthed by security researchers at Trend Micro who mentioned in their blog post that ‘Songs’ and ‘Prized – […]

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Family claims hacker taking control of cable box, sending threats

12:30 ET, 28 March 2014

INDIANAPOLIS — A family claims they are being terrorized by their cable box. For more than a week, personal and harassing […]

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Angry Birds Shares Your Data Far and Wide

10:50 ET, 28 March 2014

Angry Birds is quite chatty with players’ personal information, according to an in-depth analysis by FireEye.

The Android version of Angry Birds […]

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Report: Android Malware Is Mining Bitcoin While You Recharge

09:30 ET, 28 March 2014

Some Android users have noticed their phones and tablets are charging slowly and heating up quickly while plugged in. They actually […]

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Pileup flaws in Android PMS menace more than 1 Billion devices

13:50 ET, 27 March 2014

A group of researchers discovered a series of 6 vulnerabilities, dubbed Pileup flaws, in Android PMS that exposes more than 1 […]

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‘Coinkrypt’ malware mines cryptocurrencies on Android

9:00 ET, 27 March 2014

A malicious software program for Android that mines lesser-known cryptocurrencies could cause phones to overheat, a mobile security company warned Wednesday.The […]

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Mobile Threat Monday: Android App Steals Text Messages and Calls

10:00 ET, 26 March 2014

Each week on Mobile Threat Monday, we look at a different nasty application targeting mobile devices. This week, security company F-Secure […]

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Android bugs leave every smartphone and tablet vulnerable to privilege escalation

8:30 ET, 25 March 2014

On the whole, mobile operating systems seem to be pretty secure, but new bugs uncovered in Google’s mobile platform shows how […]

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E-ZPass Tracks Motorists Outside Of Toll Booths

15:45 ET, 24 March 2014

I’m driving around Bergen County.  That sound you’re hearing is a device that alerts you any time your E-ZPass tag is […]

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New Technique Targets, Contains Android Malware Attacks

10:00 ET, 24 March 2014

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new tool to detect and contain malware that attempts root exploits in […]

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Sneaky “pileup” malware can exploit Android upgrades, researchers say

09:00 ET, 21 March 2014

If you’ve read a lot recently about the dangers of granting excessive permissions to mobile apps, you know that apps asking […]

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Android Upgrades Open A Backdoor To Malware, Researchers Show

10:30 ET, 20 March 2014

Updating software is to malware as flossing is to gingivitis: a basic practice meant to minimize the risk of infection. But […]

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Windows Malware Gets Sophisticated, Targets Android

10:30 ET, 19 March 2014

Various kinds of modules for Windows malware are now readily available, and a lot of them are looking to break into […]

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Malware attacks on Android devices see 600% increase

9:30 ET, 18 March 2014

Malware targeting the Android platform is exploding, with a 600 percent increase in just the past 12 months.

That statistic is among […]

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Pre-installed malware turns up on new Android devices

10:00 ET, 17 March 2014
Fake version of Netflix that steals personal data and sends it to Russia has been found on some smartphones and tablets […]

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When it comes mobile malware, Android users face new threats

10:00 ET, 14 March 2014

As Android smartphones grow ubiquitously, the number of threats and malwares on these mobile devices are also increasing. According to a […]

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Android has more malware, but iOS apps pose greater risk of leaking user data, says study

9:30 ET, 13 March 2014

Most people believe that Android is a more vulnerable platform from a security point of view, and they would be right. […]

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Report: Android malware and spyware apps spike in the Google Play Store

10:00 ET, 12 March 2014
Wallpaper Dragon Ball and Finger Hockey were cited as among the most downloaded malicious apps

The number of mobile apps infected with […]

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New Android “RAT” infects Google Play apps, turning phones into spyware zombies

9:30 ET, 11 March 2014

An easy to use new “Remote Administration Tool” malware package for Android offers to infect users, steal their photos and text […]

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Why Nokia’s Android-based Nokia X could be more vulnerable to malware attacks

10:30 ET, 10 March 2014

As we all know by now, Android has a huge malware problem. While that’s not reason enough for most users to […]

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New crimeware tool Dendroid makes it easier to create Android malware, researchers warn

9:30 ET, 7 March 2014

A new commercial tool designed to allow cybercriminals to easily transform legitimate Android applications into malicious software has hit the underground […]

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97% of mobile malware in 2013 targeted Android

10:00 ET, 6 March 2014


F-Secure in their regular Threat Report  report revealed that the load of mobile malware targeting Android has increased in 2013, from […]

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Android is the Malware king

10:00 ET, 5 March 2014

Android is paying the price of its popularity with more than 97 percent of all malware being tailored for the Google […]

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99% of mobile malware attacks Android phones

9:30 ET, 4 March 2014

For all those owning – or thinking of owning – an Android-run smartphone, including the just launched Samsung Galaxy S5, there’s […]

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Android malware and massive retail breaches

10:30 ET, 3 March 2014

After news broke that Target was hit by a major breach, a number of other retailers began alerting customers about potential […]

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How a Hacker Intercepted FBI and Secret Service Calls With Google Maps

11:00 ET, 28 February 2014

Earlier this week, Bryan Seely, a network engineer and one-time Marine, played me recordings of two phone calls (embedded below.) The […]

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Android users warned vs WhatsApp malware

10:30 ET, 28 February 2014

Users of mobile devices running Google’s Android operating system may have to think twice and check their math before downloading and […]

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Massive 20-fold increase in Trojans targeting mobile banking

9:30 ET, 27 February 2014

Kaspersky Labs is reporting an incredible 20-fold explosion in the theft of financial details from mobile devices. Fully 98 percent of […]

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Android malware using TOR anonymity network makes a debut

9:30 ET, 26 February 2014

Kaspersky Lab has spotted malware for the Android mobile operating system employing the TOR anonymity network, a development previously only seen […]

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98% of mobile malware targets Android platform

10:00 ET, 25 February 2014

If you consider all the hot new mobile products coming out of Mobile World Congress 2014, it’s clear that the world […]

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Explosive growth in Andoid malware – 600pc in just 12 months

11:00 ET, 24 February 2014

Android malware has increased by nearly 600pc to a total of more than 650,000 individual pieces of malware, researchers at SophosLabs […]

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Report claims Android malware quadrupled in two years

9:30 ET, 21 February 2014

According to a recent study from an online security services company, RiskIQ, the amount of malware-riddenapps in the Google Play Store continues to […]

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Report: Malware-infected Android apps spike in the Google Play store

10:00 ET, 20 February 2014

The number of mobile apps infected with malware in Google’s Play store nearly quadrupled between 2011 and 2013, a security […]

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New drive-by download Android malware discovered by researchers

10:00 ET, 19 February 2014

Experts have discovered new Android malware that sets itself up on a device via drive-by download and allows for remote code execution.

According […]

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Panda Security Warns against New Malware Present in Google Play

9:30 ET, 18 February 2014

As the number of Android users continue to rise, it is not surprising that users of the Google-powered mobile operating system […]

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Sync’n’steal: Hackers brew Android-targeting Windows malware

09:00 ET, 17 February 2014

Internet Igors have stitched together the first strain of Windows malware that can hop over and infect Android smartphones and […]

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Flappy Bird Malware: How To Avoid Imposter Versions Of Mobile Games That Infiltrate Text Messages

10:00 ET, 14 February 2014

Flappy Bird, a simple yet addictive mobile game, soared from app store obscurity last week and blazed across the Internet like a comet before […]

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Flappy Bird Deleted: Clone Apps For Android Phones May Have Malware

10:30 ET, 13 February 2014

Some app makers are cashing in on the end of Flappy Bird, but unfortunately without the knowledge of the users […]

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Scammers take advantage of Flappy Bird’s death to push Android malware

9:30 ET, 12 February 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware that the popular mobile game Flappy Bird was pulled this past […]

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New self-replicating Android malware you need to know about

10:00 ET, 11 February 2014

We know that Android is a bit susceptible to malware and trojans, in much the same way as desktop PCs have always been […]

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Counterveillance 101: Register At The Bottom For Your Freebies




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Security experts reveal there are over 10 MILLION compromised Android apps

11:00 ET, 10 February 2014

Mobile phone malware which can hijack a user’s handset is becoming a bigger problem than ever before, a leading security firm […]

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New Android Malware Steals SMS Messages, Intercepts Calls

9:30 ET, 7 February 2014

A new strain of Android malware has been spotted that masquerades as an Android security app but once installed, can steal […]

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Android Malware Round-Up: January 2014

9:30 ET, 6 February 2014
Android Malware Round-Up: For January 2014 Released Today by Armor for Android
This year is off to a historically abnormal start. In […]

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Android mobile phones big risk, says malware report

10:00 ET, 5 February 2014

Worrying data about the poor level of security of our mobile phones, particularly Android phones, comes from a new report by Alcatel-Lucent.

The Paris-based networks […]

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Droidpak: A sneak attack on Android devices via PC malware

9:30 ET, 4 February 2014
New Android banking malware leverages vulnerable PCs to install itself on Android mobile devices. Learn how to foil this latest exploit.

Symantec […]

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Hackers concoct most devious way yet to deliver Android malware

9:30 ET, 3 February 2014

Phil Schiller recently tweeted a link to a report that said 99% of all mobile malware is directed at Android. Usually the malware comes through […]

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New Android Malware Can Reinstall Itself

9:30 ET, 31 January 2014

Because Android is the world’s most popular smartphone operating system, it follows that malefactors would develop some of the most harmful malware for […]

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Terrifying new smartphone malware tracks your swipes to steal your PIN

9:00 ET, 30 January 2014

Smartphone malware is on the rise and with 99% of known malware targeting Google’s Android platform — which is also the most popular […]

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Android bootkit malware infects more than 350,000 Android devices

10:00 ET, 29 January 2014

Experts at Russian security firm Dr Web have issued a warning about a dangerous Trojan horse affecting more than 350,000 Android users.

What makes […]

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Banking Malware Infects Android Devices Through PCs

9:00 ET, 28 January 2014
The idea of using mobile or portable devices to infect desktop PCs and laptops (not to mention other fixed endpoints like […]

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New malware tries to infect Android devices via USB cable

10:00 ET, 27 January 2014

Gone are the days when only downloading from Google Play was enough to stay safe. Anti-virus and security company Symantec has released details […]

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New Windows malware tries to infect Android devices connected to PCs

10:00 ET, 24 January 2014

A new computer Trojan program attempts to install mobile banking malware on Android devices when they’re connected to infected PCs, according […]

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99 percent of mobile malware is aimed at Android

10:00 ET, 22 January 2014

NETWORK SWITCH MAKER Cisco has released a report that might make alarming reading for users of the world’s most popular mobile operating […]

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Android suffers 99% of all mobile malware attacks

10:00 ET, 21 January 2014

According to Cisco’s annual Security Report, 99% of all mobile malware in 2013 was targeted at Android devices. As we have reported before, […]

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Cyber criminals to target mobile, social in 2014

10:00 ET, 20 January 2014

McAfee Labs predicts that the year ahead will bring increased malware attacks and other cyber risks aimed at smartphones, tablets and […]

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Study shows malware posing huge hacking threat

10:00 ET, 17 January 2014

Global technology giant Cisco says there has been unprecedented growth in cyber security threats to governments, businesses and personal internet users.

In […]

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Android and Java top security targets for malware and hacks

10:00 ET, 16 January 2014

Google’s Android mobile operating system (OS) is the target of 99 percent of the world’s mobile malware, according to Cisco.

Cisco revealed […]

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Android Malware: FireEye Reports Hundreds Of Infected Users Are Impacting VARs

9:30 ET, 15 January 2014
The more mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in the market and used by businesses the more utilization on cloud […]

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McAfee 2014: New Report Shows Increase In Android Malware

9:00 ET, 14 January 2014
McAfee’s 2014 Threat Predictions Report indicates that mobile malware will be the driver of growth in both technical innovation and the volume […]

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Flood of BYOD devices challenges IT security pros

10:00 ET, 13 January 2014

Enteprises should ensure that devices have up-to-date mobile OS, anti-malware protection

As mobile devices received as gifts flood the enterprise this […]

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24,000 Android devices are hit by XXXX.apk mobile botnet

10:00 ET, 10 January 2014

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT Android securitycouldn’t get any worse, another class of mobile spy malware has been uncovered and is said to […]

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3 Android Malware Types That Can Haunt You Secretly

9:30 ET, 9 January 2014

The woes continue for Android users when it comes to security. Readwrite reports that apps listed on the Play Store are more […]

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Android Security-Flaw Trifecta Threatens Smartphones, Tablets

10:00 ET, 8 January 2014

Security researchers have uncovered a trifecta of software issues that threaten Android devices, including two that could turn smartphones into spying microphones.

One problem results from a […]

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The mobile malware epidemic

11:00 ET, 7 January 2014

It has now almost become second nature for us to be cautious of malicious software. We know not to open unknown […]

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Attacks on smartphones threaten Latin American users

10:00 ET, 6 January 2014

Smartphones have become so common they are the preferred target for cyber-criminals in Latin America.

The most vulnerable devices are equipped with […]

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Hackers target banking apps on Apple and Google platforms

14:00 ET, 4 January 2014

We act as if are phones and tablets are safe. They’re not. According to security companyArxan Technologies, all of the top […]

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New Android Banking Trojan Strikes; Tries to Steal Banking Information from Korean Victims

12:00 ET, 3 January 2014

A new Android Trojan is on the loose. Android users should beware because it could be a serious one. The newly […]

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100% of Top Paid Android Apps Have Been Hacked

9:30 ET, 2 January 2014

Word that mobile malware is rather pervasive has been making the rounds for months, but a new report has found that […]

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Financial malware targeting Android users, defeats SMS authentication

10:30 ET, 30 December 2013

“Do not rely on SMS based authentication; it has been thoroughly compromised,” warns NSS Labs in a new report. Titled “View […]

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Malware Makes Headway Against Android Devices: McAfee Report

9:30 ET, 27 December 2013

9:30 ET, 27 December 2013

In its third-quarter threat report, McAfee finds attackers increasingly focus on mobile devices and use digital signature […]

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MouaBad Android malware earns money by making phone calls

9:30 ET, 26 December 2013

If you’re old enough to remember the days before broadband, you may well recall the problem of Dialer trojan horses. Having […]

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Android Malware pretends to be Google as they steal data

11:30 ET, 24 December 2013

The truth of the matter is that Android malware is a serious problem. Let’s face it, not everyone is smart enough […]

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Android malware sends texts to China

10:00 ET, 23 December 2013
MisoSMS used in at least 64 spyware campaigns, steals text messages, emails them to China.

One of the largest botnets ever created […]

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2014 to witness a major increase in Android malware

9:30 ET, 20 December 2013

Threats targeting Android and tablets, increased more than 60 percent between 2012 and 2013

ESET has released its annual predictions for the […]

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SnoopWall for Windows (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Phones)





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Android botnet poses as Google app, pilfers email and SMS

10:00 ET, 19 December 2013

Security researchers have fingered Chinese cybercriminals as the source of newly-discovered Android malware that poses as a Google app to steal […]

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Android malware MisoSMS one of the largest botnets to date

13:00 ET, 18 December 2013

A mobile botnet called MisoSMS is giving the Android platform a kick in the botnets, stealing personal SMS messages and sending […]

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Watch out for malware on Android

11:00 ET, 17  December 2013

Do you need to run antivirus software on a smartphone?

If you have a phone running Google Inc.’s Android operating system, it’s […]

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99 percent of mobile financial malware writers prefer Android

10:30 ET, 13 December 2013

A new report by information research specialist NSS Labsfocuses on the evolving landscape of mobile financial malware. It concludes that cyber criminals […]

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Advanced Android Malware Seen Calling Premium Rate Numbers

10:00 ET, 12 December 2013
A piece of Android malware has been spotted calling premium rate numbers to make money for cyber crooks.
Malicious mobile software often sends SMS […]

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Android malware places secret calls to premium rate numbers

10:00 ET, 11 December 2013

A mobile malware family dubbed MouaBad by Lookout researchers has lately been plaguing Chinese users with older versions (3.1 and earlier) […]

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Brightest Flashlight app on Android caught selling user data to advertising companies

9:30 ET, 10 December 2013

Android has had a terrible history with security and malware thanks numerous apps making its way to the Google Play Store with malicious intentions, […]

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What are the telltale signs of a hacker controlling your smartphone?

9:30 ET, 9 December 2013

Mobility is proving essential for everyone especially for senior managers and professionals who spend much of their time out of their […]

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Android malware could reach 1 million milestone by end of year

9:30 ET, 6 December 2013

On the high-risk apps front, ARPUSH and LEADBLT lead the pack

 At the end second quarter of 2013, Trend Micro said that […]

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Android malware to hit 1 million by 2013-end: Trend Micro Security Report

9:30 ET, 5 December 2013

According to the Trend Micro Q3 2013 Security Round-up Report, about 700 thousand malicious apps recorded at the end of third […]

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Malware Makes Headway Against Android Devices: McAfee Report

11:00 ET, 4 December 2013

In its third-quarter threat report, McAfee finds attackers increasingly focus on mobile devices and use digital signature to make code seem […]

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Android Jellybean flaw lets apps disable security mechanism

10:00 ET, 3 December 2013

The vulnerability basically allows any fake app to disable all device locks.

A flaw in Google’s Android Jellybean enables hackers to use […]

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Android Increasingly Vulnerable To Malware

9:30 ET, 2 December 2013

McAfee says attackers are using digital signatures to evade Android security measures

On December 2, 2013 by Robert Lemos eWEEK USA 2013. Ziff Davis Enterprise […]

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97.5 percent of malware attacks in Q3, 2013 targeted Android OS: Kaspersky

11:30 ET, 29 November 2013

Kaspersky Labs’ latest report on malware targeted at smartphones talks about the increased levels of sophistication in the manner of attacks. […]

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Beware of Android malware scam promising antivirus

10:00 ET, 27 November 2013

Users of mobile devices running Google’s Android were warned over the weekend against a new “malvertising” scam that promises an antivirus […]

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If you’re running Android, watch out for malware

9:30 ET, 26 November 2013

Do you need to run antivirus software on a smartphone?

If you have a phone running Google’s (GOOG) Android operating system, it’s a good […]

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Android users must pay attention on Malware Attacks

10:00 ET, 25 November 2013

Android users must pay attention on Malware Attacks

If you’re in the majority of Android users, your smartphone or tablet isn’t protected […]

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Android draws most attention from hackers: McAfee

17:30 ET, 22 November 2013

The McAfee Labs Threats Report for Q3, 2013 found new efforts to circumvent digital signature app validation on both PCs and Android-based devices. […]

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Q3 2013 sees alarming growth in data threats

9:00 ET, 21 November 2013

Kaspersky Lab has presented its review of the landscape of cyber threats. The third quarter of 2013 was a turning point […]

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Tablets, mobile malware heighten BYOD security concerns

9:30 ET, 20 November 2013

If you’ve got BYOD smartphones — it’s a good bet you do — then you’ve got a big security problem that’s […]

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Mobile Threat Monday: An Android Banking Trojan Blast From The Past

8:30 ET, 19 November 2013

This year, we’ve seen the number of malware threats targeting Android surpass one million. But along with the staggering number, is […]

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99 per cent of mobile malware attacks target Android

9:30 ET, 18 November 2013

Less than half take action to protect their mobiles and tablets.

40 per cent of Android smartphone and 42 per cent of […]

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Svpeng Android banking Trojan goes phishing

The Android banking Trojan known as Svpeng has been improved by its creators and is now capable to perform phishing attacks as well as stealing […]

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Another Android “master key” bug revealed

11:30 ET, 8 November 2013

The existence of another “master key” bug that can be used to push malware onto Android users has been publicly disclosed […]

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The complexity of Android malware is increasing

10:30 ET, 11 November 2013

259 new mobile threat families and variants of existing families were discovered by F-Secure Labs in the third quarter of 2013, […]

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Researchers hack smartphone cameras to figure out PINs

13:00 ET, 12 November 2013

(CNN) — Researchers have found a way to figure out what personal identification number, or PIN, someone is typing into their smartphone […]

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Mobile malware threats jump 26% in third quarter

10:00 ET, 13 November 2013

The number of mobile malware threat families rose to 259 in the third quarter of the year, a 26% increase on […]

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NCSU study says Android vulnerabilities are mostly from manufacturers

10:30 ET, 14 November 2013

As if the threat of malware wasn’t enough, Android smartphone users now have to contend with vulnerabilities researchers say device manufacturers […]

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NCSU study says Android vulnerabilities are mostly from manufacturers

10:30 ET, 14 November 2013

As if the threat of malware wasn’t enough, Android smartphone users now have to contend with vulnerabilities researchers say device manufacturers […]

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Amount of mobile malware strains for Android increasing quickly

According to the latest F-Secure report, mobile malware threat families rose 26 percent quarter-over-quarter, to 259. 

The security firm says it uses data from the Google […]

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Android users: Be wary of malware

Do you need to run antivirus software on a smartphone?

If you have a phone running Google Inc.’s Android operating system, it’s a good idea. In […]

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Malware goes smart, too

IT SECURITY experts’ predictions that 2013 would see an increase in malware designed for mobile phones have come true. Experts say the rise of new […]

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‘Madware’ steadily increasing

Symantec today released a whitepaper that provides an overview of the latest trends in mobile adware and malware.

Notable points from the paper include:

Percentage of madware […]

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Over 1 Million Mobile Malware Out There, Android Is The Main Target

Google’s Android mobile operating system is less than 6-years old, but is already under attack by more than a million(1 million) malware threats and high-risk […]

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Android alert for Samsung, LG, HTC, Xperia users: 1 in 4 apps on Google Play spies on you

According to a new report published this morning by security software developer Symantec, 23 per cent of all apps in the Google Play store this […]

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How Secure Is Android, Really?

The Short Version: Android Is Secure… Users Aren’t

Let’s get this out of the way. Android as an operating system is very secure. It has multiple […]

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Signs your Android device is infected with malware

Credit: flickr photo by trophygeek

Hardly a month goes by without another alarming report about the tens of thousands of malware targeting devices running Google’s Android mobile OS.

The malware […]

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Don’t let mobile malware steal your company data

The mobile malware landscape is changing. Standardisation might be a good thing for building ecosystems and making phones more useful, but the emergence of Android […]

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80 percent of smartphones still have no malware protection

According to new a Juniper Research whitepaper, mobile device users continue to leave their phones and tablets unprotected from malware.
In fact, as much as 80 percent of […]

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Most smartphones lack malware protection

Emerging BYOD risk
A new report from Juniper Research claims that more than 80 percent of smartphones worldwide are unprotected and open to malware. The report also […]

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Google-backed File-sharing Service Spreads Chinese Malware

Most people in the West haven’t heard of it, but Xunlei, a file-sharing service that boasts Google as an investor, has hundreds of millions of […]

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Is that Malware in Your Pocket, or are you just…?



A recent report released by Juniper Research suggests that 80% of smartphones are running without any type of malware protection. I have to admit that even I […]

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Mobile malware threats jump 26% in third quarter

10:00 ET, 13 November 2013

The number of mobile malware threat families rose to 259 in the third quarter of the year, a 26% increase on […]

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Guilty plea in Miss Teen USA extortion case

16:30 ET, 12 November 2013
SANTA ANA, Calif. — A 19-year-old Southern California computer science student pleaded guilty Tuesday to hacking the computers of Miss Teen USA […]

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Researchers hack smartphone cameras to figure out PINs

13:00 ET, 12 November 2013

(CNN) — Researchers have found a way to figure out what personal identification number, or PIN, someone is typing into their […]

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The complexity of Android malware is increasing

10:30 ET, 11 November 2013

259 new mobile threat families and variants of existing families were discovered by F-Secure Labs in the third quarter of 2013, […]

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SnoopWall Names Andy Brown Chairman of The Board

Tech veteran and past executive for UBS, Bank of America, Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch to guide Board of Directors of software company delivering cybersecurity […]

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Another Android “master key” bug revealed

11:30 ET, 8 November 2013

The existence of another “master key” bug that can be used to push malware onto Android users has been publicly disclosed […]

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Svpeng Android banking Trojan goes phishing

The Android banking Trojan known as Svpeng has been improved by its creators and is now capable to perform phishing attacks as well as stealing […]

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Mobile malware, mainly aimed at Android devices, jumps 614% in a year

The Juniper study — its third annual Mobile Threats Report — showed that the majority of attacks are directed at Android devices, as the Android […]

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Serious Android Flaw Could Turn Mobile Apps Malicious

A weakness in the Android security model that validates mobile applications could be used by an attacker to turn a legitimate Android app into a […]

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