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torch-app-free-flashlight-malwareFlashlight Apps – Learn everything you need to know, here.  Please take the time to read this whole page and follow the links before contacting our online help staff or support team who are dedicated to supporting COMPANY CUSTOMERS and not CONSUMERS.  We don’t sell anything to consumers and we’re only trying to be helpful so you won’t become the next victim.


1. Our CEO was on Bret Baier and broke this story, which you may watch here:

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@SnoopWallSecure CEO @Miliefsky explains how many #FLASHLIGHT #APPS are #MALWARE #CREEPWARE spying on you https://youtu.be/Q8xz8xKEFvU


2. Snopes then challenged our report and claimed it was one of the Top 25 Urban legends, meaning the story was fake.  We then sent the husband and wife team that runs Snopes, actual hard evidence. They couldn’t fully process it because they are clueless about INFORMATION SECURITY.  Here’s our response to them:

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@SnoopWallSecure CEO @Miliefsky proves that @Snopes are #DOPES about #FLASHLIGHT #APPS #CREEPWARE https://www.snoopwall.com/snopes-has-no-clue-about-flashlight-apps/

Snopes then changed their results from “False” to “Mixed” which is the most they can do as they never accept being wrong, do they?  They should say TRUE but they can’t admit their complete and utter ignorance about smartphones and malware.


3. While Fox News showed what’s called “B-roll” causing some confusion over whether iPhones are infected or just android.  It’s any smartphone that you’re willing to install one of the top free flashlight apps on.  Yes, your built-in widget flashlight app from your phone manufacturer is most likely SAFE but downloading one from Apple iTunes, Google Play or Microsoft App store is RISKY.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS check the app permissions.  Does a flashlight app need internet, geolocation data, contacts list, phone history, and so much more, absolutely NOT!.  Here’s the entire Flashlight Apps threat report.  If you’d like to share it, please cut and paste the entire text below:

@SnoopWallSecure CEO @Miliefsky provides a detailed #FLASHLIGHT #APPS #THREAT #REPORT here: https://www.snoopwall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Flashlight-Spyware-Report-2014.pdf

So we made a FREE, SAFE, OPEN-SOURCE flashlight app that has NO INTERNET access and NO OTHER ports other than turning on and off the LED via the CAMERA function.  That’s it.  Feel free to use it or find one from someone else you can trust.

@SnoopWallSecure CEO @Miliefsky offers an OPEN SOURCE FREE #Flashlight App that won’t spy on you for #ANDROID here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snoopwall.flashlight&hl=en

SnoopWallSecure CEO @Miliefsky offers OPEN SOURCE FREE #Flashlight App that won’t spy on you #WINDOWS smartphones: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/privacy-flashlight/9wzdncrdk3xs

SnoopWallSecure CEO @Miliefsky offers OPEN SOURCE CODE FOR #Apple #iPhone #Flashlight #app here: https://github.com/SnoopWall/flashlight-ios

however, you don’t need the Apple iPhone flashlight app and they won’t let us add it to their iTunes store full of #CREEPWARE flashlight apps (they have 500 now), if you just use the one that came built-into your iphone from Apple.  Trust others with extreme caution.

How to find out the flashlight apps at risk

Please check the flashlight apps installed on your device(s) with our flashlight threat report below to determine if you have to uninstall the app from your device(s).

What if I have an Android/iPhone which already came with a flashlight? Is it safe?

The pre-installed flashlight apps and in-built flashlight features in Android and iPhones are safe to use.

Where can I download a safe flashlight which accesses minimal permissions and is light in size?


play-storeDownload Privacy Flashlight from the Google Play Store.


Download Privacy Flashlight from the Windows Store.


Not available yet. The app is ready but Apple is rejecting it because they feel the 500+ 3rd party flashlights of which many are spyware and bloatware are all they want on the iTunes store right now. Don’t worry, our corporate counsel is on this! You can email Apple at support@apple.com and complain about it too…that will surely help!

githubGet the source code for Android on GitHub.

githubGet the source code for Windows Phone on GitHub.


githubGet the source code for Apple iOS on GitHub.

Bret Baier Special Report

SnoopWall Privacy App – Reclaim Your Privacy Today, For Free!

htc_one_mockupYou are being Spied on. It’s more than one app you trust on your smartphone. Trust us, we know, because we’ve already tested SnoopWall Privacy App with over 86,000 free apps from the google play store. For example:

Why does Brightest Flashlight need to Geolocate you? It doesn’t. That’s why the FTC is suing them. But what about all the other apps on your smartphone or tablet? What about your kids? Just watch this video of Miss Teen USA 2013, Cassidy Wolf, who was victimized because an online predator could watch her remotely through her webcam from an app she trusted.

It’s time to reclaim your privacy, today. Privacy App is free forever and it:

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play-store apple-store


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