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SnoopWall for Android devices


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Protect yourself against cyber spying, snooping, stealing, zero day malware and advanced persistent threats

Real time Privacy Meter | Free up battery, memory and other resources | Easy 1- Click configuration | Manage access to your data leakage ports


Control apps by allowing/blocking  access to specific ports | Take charge of your device with granular port control


Protect your family

Set bedtime schedules and device access rules when handing over your device to your children | Set safety rules such as no texting during driving & enabling/disabling Bluetooth access

Use banking and financial apps more securely

Select and set your favorite app and launch directly from SnoopWall upon mode activation | Customize access permissions for your banking apps

Customizable modes for managing your device and privacy | Protect you device from unauthorized access with password protection | Whitelist directory feature - Create & maintain a list of trusted contacts | Easy to use Help desk portal



The team at SnoopWall have just thrown your family  an Android Life Saver!

The team at SnoopWall have just thrown your family  an Android Life Saver!

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