Secure networks today are burdened to keep pace with an ever-evolving threat environment.
Run a comprehensive internal network evaluation. Discover your assets and understand your vulnerabilities. Quarantine rogue, malicious, insider threats and zero-day malware.

  • Quick: 14 days (recommended) of auditing and monitoring
  • Easy: Agentless and non-inline ensuring no interruption to your infrastructure
  • Comprehensive: Intranet security evaluation & vulnerability assessment
  • No Cost

A NetSHIELD Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Assessment can help you to understand:
  • Baseline Security–who and what is really on your network. Build a trust list and identifying unknown and unwanted assets
  • Threat Prevention – identify zero-day malware not detected with AV. Capture, in real time, successful phishing attacks with no false positives. Ensure IT and employee productivity and create tangible, teachable moments for reinforcing employee cyber-awareness.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Compliance Report – discover and prioritize vulnerabilities that exist on your network and run compliance assessments for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc

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