NETSHIELD Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Assessment : FREE ANALYSIS

Networks today are burdened to keep pace with an ever-evolving threat environment.
Run a comprehensive internal network evaluation. Discover your assets and understand your vulnerabilities. Quarantine rogue, malicious, insider threats and zero-day malware.

Case Study

  • Quick: 14 days (recommended) of auditing and monitoring
  • Comprehensive: Discovery & Dynamic Block of Physical, Virtual, Mobile & IoT assets
  • Malware Prevention: Integrated Threat Intelligence & Pre-Emptive response
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Identify CVE's

A NETSHIELD Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Assessment can help you to understand:
  • Baseline Security–who and what is really on your network. Build a trust list and identify unknown and unwanted assets
  • Threat Prevention – identify zero-day malware not detected with AV. Capture, in real time, phishing attacks with minimal false positives. Ensure IT and employee productivity and increase SecOps efficiency
  • Vulnerability Assessment – discover and prioritize vulnerabilities that exist on your network
  • GDPR – see how NETSHIELD helps you get in compliance with GDPR

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