No the Russian Government did not Hack the US Elections Part II (faciens a magnus pulmentum…out out 2016…)

Once again, we hear that the Russian government hacked the US elections.

I really doubt it, once again.

Thanks to @CTVNews in Canada for calling on me to explain this in a bit more detail:

It’s year end, nearly, so I’ll be short. Vladimir Fomenko, owner of King Servers of Russia, a tiny “Godaddy” like internet host, who offers hosting starting as low as $5.00 USD per month has made some important statements:

  1. His servers were pointed to as the source of the attack upon the DNC and “US” elections. anyone with a credit card can rent a server there and now suddenly you are ‘in Russia.’ This is one of the big problems of the Internet by the way, geo-political bounds meld away…you can ALMOST be anyone anywhere, anytime…
  2. Once he found out, he traced the account holders/renters of servers where these attacks originated to EUROPE. That means someone was logging into rented Russian-geo-located-servers to launch some older Russian malware (APT 28 and 29), first, through Spear-phishing, remotely from EUROPE. This was the same malware which was used in the past to hack the Anti-doping Agency (wasn’t that to expose Russian doping?).
  3. He claims, and I have no way to know if he’s telling the truth or not, that the authorities (FBI and others) don’t care, don’t want the server logs, don’t want to help him track down those who leveraged his servers to commit the alleged attack.

Now, we have this: a beautiful well done publication directly pointing at the Russian Government for the attack. And we see the sanctions begin:

As they always say, “COOLER HEADS PREVAIL.”

Pointing a finger at the Russian government, without digging deeply into the remote access to these servers from EUROPE, placing sanctions on them, in Latin, this is called faciens a magnus pulmentum or making a big mess. It’s glaringly obvious that the NCCIC joint report with the FBI, while well written, skipped over this major issue.

I always call it like it is – I don’t think the Russian government is ever this sloppy in their hacking attacks and while sometimes it takes many years, time will tell and truth will prevail as to what really happened in regards to GRIZZLEY STEPPE but for now, I’m sticking with my original prediction and with too many years on the job in the anti-hacking community, in these matters, I’m usually right.

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