Top 10 Privacy Tips From Miss Teen USA

Learn what Counterveillance means and use counterveillance apps to protect your privacy. This will help you prevent snoops and criminals from infiltrating your smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. For example, don’t leave your laptop open and assume your smartphone webcam is being used to watch you.
     Change passwords frequently and make them unique by using symbols and different characters. This way, it makes it hard for a cyber snoop to get into your private accounts such as Twitter, Facebook or your Bank account.
     Delete cookies and browsing history regularly because these can be used to learn about your behavior – things you like, places you go, etc.
     Put a business card or sticker over your computer’s webcam when you’re not using it, because even if the light is off, it could still be watching you.
     Protect your smartphone by turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS, except when you need them. That way, if you are at a local coffee shop or in a shopping mall, no one can spy on you using nearby (proximity) hacking attacks and they can’t track where you were and where you are going on your GPS.
     Understand privacy settings before agreeing to the terms of shared content sites and apps including Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. You’ll be surprised at how much information they are collecting on you, every day.
     Protect your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and avoid giving out personal details – your name, date of birth, any credit card/bank account numbers. You should even use a unique email just for your bank accounts and credit cards that you don’t tell anyone.
     Don’t advertise where you are & aren’t! When you check into Foursquare or tweet that you are on the road or use Instagram and geo-tag images online: you’re telling everyone in cyberspace that you’re not at home…delivering an open invite for a burglar to pay a visit!
     Talk with others about privacy by reaching out to friends, family, teachers and colleagues to let them know how their privacy is at risk from the snoops.
     Support and follow leading privacy champions including these five non-profit organizations:
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse @PrivacyToday
Electronic Frontier Foundation @eff
ConnectSafely @ConnectSafely
National Cyber Security Alliance @STOPTHINKCONNECT
WiredSafety @WiredSafety
Free Counterveillance 101 Course:
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