What is Counterveillance?

The Most Important New Discovery for Privacy and Security.

Think about it.  If you could be invisible, no one could see you.  They wouldn’t know when you are browsing the web or using your smartphone.

If you could make all the private information about yourself become completely invisible, no one could ever steal it.  That’s right – your personally identifiable information (PII) could not be stolen if no one could see you or your data.  It’s so simple – it sounds too good to be true.  Right?

If you could make yourself invisible, if you could hide your PII from prying eyes, you would be practicing counterveillance.  That’s right – you would be countering surveillance.


What makes the US B2 Stealth bomber so unique?

It disperses its radar signature so that it becomes invisible to traditional radar – the design of the ‘skin’ of this aircraft is a counterveillance technology.

It is possible to become nearly invisible but you’re right to think it’s very challenging – many would say nearly impossible.

At SnoopWall, we invented the world’s first counterveillance technology and filed an international patent on it.  This technology is very very hard to implement on computers and mobile devices – but we’re doing it anyway.  We have some of the best programmers in the world working hard every day, building our counterveillance solution.

We’re going to help your computer and mobile device become ‘nearly’ invisible.  That means hackers, cyber criminals, online predators, cyber terrorists and other ne’er do wells won’t be able to find you or your confidential information.  It won’t matter how advanced their malware becomes – advanced persistent threats (APTs)? No problem!  Zero-day Malware?  No problem!  If they can’t see you or your data, they can’t steal it.  Hard to implement but simple to understand.

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Stay tuned as we begin to roll-out SnoopWall to help you reclaim your privacy, through counterveillance.