Proactive Data Breach Protection

Critical Security from the Inside-Out

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Layer 2 Intrusion Prevention System

Prevent malware, phishing & ransomware

Control physical, virtual, mobile and IoT devices

Regain control of your "Trusted LAN"

NetSHIELD is a next generation network and mobility access control solution that dynamically or manually blocks network connectivity from unwanted, unknown and/or untrusted assets ensuring intranet security. Additional core capabilities include mac spoof detection, zero-hour malware and phishing attack quarantine, comprehensive auditing and vulnerability assessment, and compliance reporting and enforcement.

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MobileSHIELD endpoint agent runs on iOS, Android and Windows for deployment on smartphones, tablets and laptops. MobileSHIELD allows administrator to enforce corporate connectivity policies including device settings, applications, applications privileges, and port & mobile data connectivity. To ensure BYOD flexibility the owner of the device resumes administrative controls when not connected to corporate networks.

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