You have built a great app with an amazing team.

Let us help you secure it.

SnoopWall’s patents-pending AppShield™ SDK can secure any mobile app on all major platforms. Our AppShield SDK makes your app invisible to any other app on the mobile device which might otherwise eavesdrop on it, just like the B2 Bomber employs stealth technology to evade radar detection.

With 24/7/365 active monitoring, regular updates and a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, you can be assured that your app’s security and customer data are safe, all the while providing a non-intrustive customer experience.
  • SnoopWall’s patents-pending AppSHIELD™ SDK can secure any mobile app on all major platforms
  • World’s first Mobile App Firewall – plug it in and make an app immune to eavesdropping malware
  • With AppSHIELD™ SDK consumer data is safe with protection that doesn’t intrude on the consumer app experience
  • Rapidly deployed library integration
  • Can’t be broken or tampered with

Key Features SnoopWall AppSHIELDTM SDK Other Solutions
Cloaking Technology (patents-pending) -
Dynamic Port Management (patents-pending) -
Most Comprehensive User/Device Identifier Partial
No Need for Code Obfuscation or Risky Wrapping Some
No Malware Scanning Required Some
No Backend Database Required Some
Root and Jailbreak Detection
Secure Storage for Data Hiding -
Application Hardening Technology Partial
No Known Way to Exploit -
Detects and Blocks Tomorrow’s Threats -
Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Some
No Sysadmin, no Reboot, no special Privileges Some
Tiny Deployment Size and Rapid Integration -
Most Cost Effective Per Deployment Pricing -