Next Generation Network & Mobility Access Control

SnoopWall’s patented NetSHIELD scalable solutions allow you to
control network access and detect, alert, block accidental, unintended,
malicious access and data exfiltration

Protect Trusted Assets

Agentless Network & Device Protection

Proactive Protection from Phishing & Malware

Detect and Block Rogue Access

Quarantine Zero Day threats & Remote Access Trojans

TLD Blocking for C&C Defense

A Critical Component Of The Security Value Chain

NetSHIELD provides critical IntraNet security that firewalls and antivirus are not designed to address.

Dynamic VLAN Assignment & Quarantining

Manage Mobility & Secure BYOD (option)

Find and Fix Critical Vulnerabilities (CVEs)

Automated Regulatory Compliance Audits

SIEM Integration with Full Logging

Manage Internal Risk

Non-inline. Plug Anywhere, Discover Everywhere

High Availability

7 Secrets of Offensive Security

NetSHIELD Appliances

Use Network Access Control To Secure Your Wireless Networks

Do you know who's on your network

Appliance Models

NetSHIELD Appliance Models NANO 25 NANO 100 NANO 254 Branch PRO Enterprise 10 Enterprise 100 Enterprise 250 Enterprise 1000
Protected Assets per Site 25 100 254 500 1000 2000 4000 10000
Dynamic Asset Detection
Dynamic Block Engine
MAC Spoof Detection
Malware, Phishing & Ransomware Prevention
TLD Blocking
Vulnerability Assessment (CVE)
Ethernet Ports 2 2 2 4 6 8 10 12
Command Center