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IntraNet Security – A Critical Component of The Security Value Chain
Market statistics highlight that over 95% of breaches result from internal threats. Address critical vulnerabilities that firewalls and antivirus solutions are not designed to solve.

Next Generation Network & Mobility Access Control.
  • Manage, block and quarantine internal threats
  • Identify critical vulnerabilities (CVEs)
  • Harden and manage trusted assets
  • Detect and block rogue & malicious devices
  • Audit and enforce compliance & regulatory requirements
  • Agentless and non-inline design – Plug anywhere, discover & secure everywhere.
  • Purpose built for management and administration simplicity

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You have built a great app with an amazing team.
Let us help you secure it.

SnoopWall’s patents-pending AppShield™ SDK can secure any mobile app on all major platforms. Our AppShield SDK makes your app invisible to any other app on the mobile device which might otherwise eavesdrop on it, just like the B2 Bomber employs stealth technology to evade radar detection. With 24/7/365 active monitoring, regular updates and a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, you can be assured that your app’s security and customer data are safe, all the while providing a non-intrustive customer experience.

SnoopWall’s patents-pending AppSHIELD SDK™:
  • Provides Counterveillance Cloaking technology
  • Easily integrated in a matter of days
  • Makes apps invisible to malware – protects consumer PII
  • Doesn’t intrude on consumer app experience
  • Can’t be broken or tampered with
  • Does not involve root kitting or jail breaking

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