WhatsApp Voice Calling Invitation Spam Comes With Malware

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March 13, 2015
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March 17, 2015

16 March 2015

Android phones will soon start seeing the voice calling features made available for WhatsApp, with other platforms to gradually see their own versions.

One issue may be that is not all that simple to cover the significantly sizable audience base, which is just the reason that the beta test period is being extended as indefinitely as it is, and subscribers join via invitation.

Some months back, a number of users said that they’d gotten special invitations to take part in a  beta version of WhatsApp’s voice calling program. They could make calls to a small number of contacts because those particular subscribers had themselves also gotten the invitation. WhatsApp’s voice feature hasn’t yet been made readily available, thus it’s still necessary to join by invitation. However, there’ve been some hackers who’ve made use of this vulnerability to start fabricating and distributing malware via phony invites.

Whatsappcalling.com Malware

For the current time being, the most malicious link has been identified as whatsappcalling dot com, and this link has been used multiple times to infect users’ computers with malware. The whatsappcalling link automatically activates whenever a subscriber connects to a 3G data network or to any wireless internet connection. It prompts subscribers to agree in order for the malicious website to download the malware under the guise of providing “the latest version of WhatsApp messenger”.

It advertises itself as including the in-demand voice calling software, but will actually redirect and download malicious software that automatically self-opens. Another tricky maneuver the link uses that of not actually immediately downloading, but first asking subscribers to take a survey of some kind or another, which then leaves the computer open to the particular malware at hand before spreading.

Illegal users to be banned

As a measure of preventing illegal third-party applications from commandeering a given subscriber’s phone, WhatsApp has become quite conscientious about banning users. If in the event that you download a third-party version of WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, the company will banned you for a short time.

In previous times, it had been taken by assumption that the offending subscribers were banned for life, though it’s now known that the whole point is to prevent people from using APK files that they got from illegal sources that would maliciously assault both the developer along with the subscriber.

Source – http://thefusejoplin.com/2015/03/whatsapp-voice-calling-invitation-spam-malware/


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