Control and secure Windows devices connected to corporate networks.
Let us help you enable safer BYOD with Data Leakage Prevention (DLP).

WinSHIELD ensures device flexibility by enabling owner control over device settings, applications and application privileges while not connected to corporate network resources. Administrator control over device settings, applications, application privileges, ports and data connectivity is defined and enforced while desktops, laptops/netbooks, tablets and servers are connected to corporate networks. WinSHIELD may be deployed on any Windows device or tablet to enhance corporate IT security oversight and control.

Hardware Port Protection

Malicious App Logging

Policy-based Device Security

Invisible User Management

Untrusted App Blocking

Cloaking Data Against Theft

Anti-espionage Protection

Keyboard & Storage Encryption

Microphone Eavesdrop Blocking

Webcam Picture & Video Blocking

Rogue Network Traffic Blocking

Desktop, Laptop & Tablet Protection

Rapid Onboarding & Deployment

App Level Firewall Defense

WInSHIELD Datasheet

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